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Your profile, work experience and skills

Creating a profile.

Signing up to Creativepool couldn't be easier - we just need a few pieces of basic information to get your profile up and running.

First choose whether it is a company or individual profile that you need.

For rapid signup you can use your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

Once you've entered your basic information you can start uploading your images and videos and linking to all of the collaborators involved with Creativepool's unique Madeit function.

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How do I add a header image?

To stand out with your personal branding, dont forget to add the HEADER IMAGE. To add, edit or remove header image. Go to the Edit profile section and scroll down to the Header Image section.

Images are large and should be 1000px wide by 280px high. Try to stay below 1MB for easier uploading. You can use JPG, GIF or PNG file types.

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Can I pick my own URL / web address?

You can change the random URL that is generated when you started your profile.

Go to your profile and click Profile Settings.

From here you can choose your own URL and save.

Now when you share your profile this is the web address that you will need to use.

You can only change your URL once, so make sure you're happy with it before you press save.

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Can I hide my profile?

If you need to hide your profile for any reason, this is easy to do.

Head to your Contact and privacy settings.

Under Availability and Profile Preferences, you can choose for your profile to be:

Public and Searchable (including on Google)
Searchable by other CP members
Private and hidden from search

To hide your profile from Creativepool you will need to choose either Seachable by other CP members, which means non members won't be able to find it. Or you can choose Private and hidden from search, completely removing it from visibility on Creativepool and the web.

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Where can I add my skills, expertise and award wins?

To add in your award wins, skills and expertise go to your Experience page in the profile edit section.

On this page you can add

Sector Experience
Trade Associations
and Client List

Add your experience

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