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How can I post articles

Tips on Content

Creativepool is a network, as the name may suggest, that is focussed on the creative sector. More specifically we are centred around the commercial creative sector, so more design and advertising than art.

Our magazine has an overarching premise of being for Leaders and Learners. For people who are experts in their craft and want to share their knowledge or want to find out insight and opinion from the best in the industry. Creativepool is committed to helping those new in the industry to forge their own path and to develop the skills to make themselves better at what they do

The best content in the magazine will reflect this. Insight, teaching, opinion, in-depth understanding of a subject or having a unique insight into the way things work will be the pieces that attract the most attention.

The magazine is not a place for news, however you are more than welcome to share your news on your profile. This will however not make it into the magazine (unless it is industry changing or so revolutionary that is transcends a "normal" news story.

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Becoming a Contributor

The Creativepool Magazine is your insight into a world of creativity. We have staff journalists who produce the main content for the magazine, however we also encourage our members to be able to contribute as well.

To become a contributor you will need to gain an invite from a current contributor who will assess what you want to share on the platform is in line with our editorial practices. You can easily find people to send your request to by looking through the magazine. Click on the persons name to go to their profile. Then head to their "about me" page and rollover the pink "C" icon - this will reveal a panel - click on the Invite button where you will be able to send your application to the person.

Once you have been accepted as a Contributor then when clicking on the "Article" menu item you will now be able to uploaded articles. This will appear on your profile - if you tag in individuals or companies in your article then this will also publish the article onto their profiles giving you extended reach on your lovely crafted piece of content.

All content that is added onto Creativepool is reviewed by our editorial team. The best articles are cherry picked to be included into the magazine and broadcast across our entire network. You will get an email notification if yours has been approved.

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