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The Top 25

Ranking and the Top 25

What is Ranking?

Your ranking is based on your primary job title, which you can set in your Work Settings.

You can see your ranking progress on your stats page.

Where you rank is worked out using a complex algorithm. It is based on your profile, the interactions you have with the site, reviews from clients and employers, award wins and also how the other members and companies in the Creativepool community appreciate your work.

You are highly encouraged to keep your profile updated and relevant. Your Interactions score is based upon the apportioned number of your likes, pools, followers and connections.

Getting Spotlighted (featured on the Creativepool homepage) is a great way for you to boost your overall ranking score.

The Creativepool Annual plays an important part in where you appear on the list. Being shortlisted, and ultimately being an Annual winner, has a big influence on your ranking.

Points for Award wins can have a significant impact on your ability to appear in the Top 25. Award wins need to be added when you upload a project. Where possible, award wins should be chosen from the drop down menu.

Reviews are the most important ranking feature that we use when deciding where you turn up for search in particular searches. You should request reviews from clients and previous employers when you upload your projects.

What is the Top 25?

The Top 25 represents the Top 25 ranked people for their chosen job title. Being in the Top 25 means you are recognised for being brilliant for the work that you do.

What are Ranking and Top 25 good for?

A higher ranking will mean that you turn up higher in searches when employers and companies are looking for talent. Being included in the Top 25 means that you are ranked as being in the best 25 for your profession. You will now have the coveted Top 25 badge on your profile, making it easier for you to be noticed by other professionals and companies. It helps in your search ranking and, being the top of your field, you may also receive discounted entries to our awards as well as opportunities not available to the rest of the community.

How do I get in the Top 25?

See above as to what your ranking is based on. Follow those tips to ensure that your experience is best portrayed on the site and watch as you climb up the ranks. We update the ranking on the site every Wednesday. You can see your progress in the ranking on your stats page.

Where can I see my ranking?

You can see your ranking on the About Me section of your profile. You will also receive an update in your Monthly Account Summary email. If you manage to break into the Top 25, you will be sent an email congratulating you for your new ranking! From that point on, you will also be displayed on the Top 25 homepage.

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