Creativepool Help Centre: Using Inspiration Pools

Frequently Asked Questions

Using Inspiration Pools

What is an inspiration pool?

The Inspiration Pool is a collection of uploads that have been Pooled by other users. It's a great place to get inspired!

Join in with the global Pool by visiting profiles of people and companies and clicking 'Poolit' when you spot something that inspires you.

Select the item(s) you want to add to your Pool and click 'Poolit'.

It will immediately appear in the Inspiration Pool and your own personal Inspiration Pool. Visit Creativepool's Pool now.

Inspiration pools can work for you in two ways. You can Pool the things that inspire you on, or you can use other peoples' Pools for inspiration.

Images and videos can be added to your pool helping you keep track of your inspirations.

To start your own inspiration pool just click Poolit when you spot a piece of work that you want to collect.

You can view your pooled items by clicking Pools in the main navigation bar.

Pools are open to all users. Start exploring other peoples' and companies' pools by clicking My Inspiration Pool on any profile.

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I've pooled something, where can I find it?

To view images and videos that you've pooled make sure you are logged in. Then hover over Pools in the navigation bar and click Inspiration Pool.

You can also go to your profile and click on My Inspiration Pool.

This is a collection of all the pieces that have inspired you.

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Can I see what other people are pooling?

Looking for inspiration? Take a look at what other people and companies have been pooling.

On any profile you visit you can view items the person or company have been inspired by. Just click 'My Inspiration Pool' and explore what's been inspiring people!

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