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Frequently Asked Questions


What is studio?

studio is where things get done!

It is made up of studiocrowd and studiogigs.


studiocrowd is where clients can activate our entire member base. It is professional level crowdsourcing for brands that want the best in ideas and execution of creativity.


studiogigs is for clients who are looking for freelance talent of the highest calibre. All applicants to your briefs are certified studiopros giving you access to the world's best creative talent.

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What is studiocrowd?

studiocrowd offers unique opportunities to our incredible community by providing a direct route for companies and brands to source ideas, designs and content from the creative professionals on Creativepool.

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I am a brand, how does studiocrowd work for me?

studiocrowd connects you with an external creative team of thousands who deliver ideas, design and content through an account managed service.

studiocrowd is a cost and time effective creative solution that delivers professional, authentic and diverse work. By engaging our niche and highly influential community through studiocrowd, you gain access to innovative, thought-provoking ideas through non-traditional routes.

What type of briefs can I run?

studiocrowd is for brands that are looking for a professionally crowdsourced solution to their creative challenges.

You can run any brief that is looking for a creative solution! From design, social media assets, photography, illustration, video content, animation, advertising all the way through from ideation through to completed work. You can tap into a vetted, professional globally sourced community to give you a unique insight into your brand and find you solutions that can take your brand to places it never thought it would go.

Why would I use studiocrowd?

Here are just a few benefits behind using Creativepool and our community to run your studiocrowd campaign:
  • - Get cost and time effective creative solutions
  • - Professional, quality and diverse work
  • - Innovative and thought provoking ideas
  • - Exposure to concepts from non-traditional routes
  • - Engagement with a niche and highly influential community

More information?

For more information about running your campaign head over to the For brands section under studio. Here you can download the latest case studies as well as contact us and arrange a

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I am a creative, how does studiocrowd work for me?

As a creative, studiocrowd will give you the opportunity to ideate and create for the world’s best and most innovative brands and non-profits. Each brief rewards successful individuals for their unique ideas and efforts and will ensure that you and your work receive maximum exposure.

Please refer to each individual studiocrowd brief for further information on rewards.

Where do I find the briefs?
You can find all live briefs under the ‘Briefs’ tab on the studiocrowd homepage.

Can I get alerts for new briefs?
Yes, you can receive alerts for new briefs by joining Creativepool and by opting in to email alerts from your preferences.

Can anyone submit work/project?
studiocrowd briefs are generally open to every member of Creativepool but please refer to each brief for exceptions.

How can I submit my work to a brief?
Submissions to studiocrowd briefs can be made by uploading your work to your Creativepool profile and following the instructions on the brief. We recommend you upload these briefs as private projects.

What happens after I submit my project to a brief?
A member of the studiocrowd team will be in touch to talk about your submission or you will get a notification on the success of your submission after the deadline.

Can I withdraw my submission?
By submitting your work to a studiocrowd brief, you are under a contract with Creativepool (detailed in the Rules of Submission). Please contact us to discuss how you can withdraw your submission from the binding contract.

How are winners chosen?
Winning submissions will be selected by a judging process with representative(s) from Creativepool and the studiocrowd Partner. The team will evaluate each eligible submission based on the Judging criteria detailed in the studiocrowd brief.

What will happen to my work if my submission is successful?
You will be informed by email or telephone number at the discretion of Creativepool.
Please see individual briefs for reward details. Cash prizes will be paid out to winners 30 days after the studiocrowd project concludes. Winning work and individuals will be featured across Creativepool channels and may receive further exposure through the studiocrowd Partner channels (dependent on rewards outlined in each brief). When the studiocrowd project concludes, the studiocrowd Partner will be transferred the entirety of the exclusive usage rights and intellectual property rights to winning submissions. What will happen to my work if my submission is unsuccessful? The usage rights and intellectual property rights to unsuccessful Submissions will be returned to you and you may use the submission elsewhere as per the Rules of Submission. Please refer to Rules of Submission on each brief for further information.

When will I receive my prize?
Cash prizes will be paid to you via bank transfer 30 days after the studiocrowd project concludes.

What are studiocrowd points?
You can earn studiocrowd points by; submitting work to a brief, by having your work shortlisted or selected as a winner. studiocrowd points help you rise in the Creativepool rankings and work to get you listed in the coveted global TOP 25.

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What is studiogigs?

studiogigs is our bespoke tailored solution for brands, companies, agencies and people looking for the best creative talent.

Advertising your studiogig opens you up to a select group of professional freelancers who we call studiopros. Each studiopro has been hand vetted by our recruitment community managers. Only the finest creative talent is approved and will be able to apply to your studiogig.

Posting a studiogig is completely free. Fill out the form, our posting team will check your advert for quality and ensure that the right freelancers are made aware of your role. You just need to sit back and wait for the applicants to arrive in your inbox!

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What is a studiopro?

studiopro's are our handpicked and vetted freelance talent on the platform. Only those who have been approved as a studiopro can apply to studiogigs.

To apply to become a studiopro go to the studio homepage.

If you'd like to hire a studiopro then post a studiogig here for free!

Why can only studiopros apply to studiogigs?
One of the biggest strength's of Creativepool is our community of creative professionals. There are plenty of other sites out there that you can use to find creative talent, but none is a rigorous as us in ensuring that only the best global talent will be available for your creative project. We want to ensure that every client that we help has a world-class creative working with them, as such all studiopros are vetted and only the very best can proudly display the studiopro badge.

How long will it take for me to be approved as a studiopro
When you apply you will be shown your position in the queue. All applications are handled by an actual creative recruitment specialist. As such approval takes a substantial amount of time. If you would like a decision quickly, consider our quick apply process that will give you a decision within 24 hours.

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