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Connections, followers and stats

I want to know how many visits my profile has had.

You can keep tabs on your profile by looking at your Stats homepage.

The graph always begins with January. Months that are yet to pass will display data from the previous year. For example, if it was July, the data showing for August will be from the previous year.

From here you can see how many views your profile has had, how many project views and how many times your CV has been downloaded.

You can also see how many views you've had on the top right of your profile.

If you want to find out who has been viewing your profile you'll need to upgrade to Pro.

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Can I see who has looked at my profile?

If you want to find out exactly who has been looking at your profile, projects or downloading your CV you will need a Pro Account.

With a Pro account you can see everyone that viewed your profile. Not only that you'll also appear top of searches and access to more connections. Take a look.

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How do I find out who has liked my work?

You can see who has liked your projects by clicking through to a project and clicking on 'Likeits' at the top right.

You'll see a list of all of the people and companies that have 'Likedit'.

Not receiving many 'Likeits'? Here's some hints to get more views.

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I'm following someone, now what?

Now that you've started following people, their updates will show up on your Homepage.

When you're logged in, this becomes a feed of all the latest things happening within your network.

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