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Zulu Alpha Kilo stands out as a maverick global indie agency within the fiercely competitive advertising industry dominated by global holding companies.

Launched in 2008 by renowned Chief Creative Officer & founder Zak Mroueh, the shop has built a reputation as an industry outlier and is one of the most respected independent agencies in the world. Zulu has consistently produced ground-breaking ideas for its clients while challenging industry conventions, including pitches, award shows, and the focus on growth and profit over creative output.

Zulu’s founding belief is that it’s not in the digital, design or advertising business. It’s in the bravery business. Creative bravery is what drives decision making. Its sole purpose as a company is their belief that the ‘world needs more creativity’. Zulu supports causes they believe in and uses its creativity for the greater good as a company. They also believe that when clients truly embrace creativity, it can transform their world and their business. The indie shop’s ambition is to do the most ground-breaking work in the world and become the world’s number one creative company.

In 2016, Ad Age named Zulu small agency of the year and 2017’s International Small Agency of the Year. They were also named one of Forbes Best Small Companies in 2018, The Drum’s Agency of the Year 2021 and Campaign US 2021 Independent Agency of the Year. With 140 staff in Toronto, New York and Vancouver, the shop is a magnet for top global talent.


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Annual 2022 SilverGreen Screen ShirtAdvertising: Digital Annual 2022 BronzeOrders of SacrificeDirect Marketing Annual 2022 SilverNOTES IPAExperiential Annual 2022 SilverNOTES IPAPackaging Annual 2022 GoldFire SongsMusic & Sound Annual 2022 SilverThe Micropedia of MicroaggressionsSocial Good Annual 2022 SilverTough TurbanWave Annual 2022 GoldIndependent Agency of the Year Annual 2022 People's ChoiceThe Micropedia of MicroaggressionsSocial Good Annual 2021 BronzeCatch the ScamBranded Content Annual 2021 BronzeWorld's Oldest E-sports TeamDigital Annual 2021 BronzeCheck Your ReflexExperiential Annual 2021 SilverWorld's Oldest E-sports TeamExperiential Annual 2021 BronzeProjecting HopeExperiential Annual 2021 BronzeFeeding Imagination IntegratedIntegrated Annual 2021 BronzeFeeding Imagination OOHOOH Annual 2021 SilverWorld's Oldest E-sports TeamSocial Good Annual 2021 GoldIndependent Agency of the Year Annual 2020 GoldIndependent Agency of the Year Annual 2020 Silver#UnravelHateAdvertising: Digital Annual 2020 BronzeBig in Japan Campaign SummaryDigital Annual 2020 Bronze#RainforestFireChannel Campaign SummaryPR Annual 2020 Silver#PauseToRememberPR Annual 2020 Bronze#RainforestFireChannel Campaign SummaryIntegrated Annual 2019 BronzeThe Away GameAdvertising: Film Annual 2019 BronzeThe Away GameBranded Content Annual 2019 SilverReskinning Queen Street WestOOH Annual 2018 SilverCommon GroundBranded Content Annual 2022 ShortlistSound of SpendingData Annual 2022 ShortlistTough TurbanProduct / Industrial Annual 2021 ShortlistDon’t Get MilkedAdvertising: TV Annual 2021 ShortlistProjecting HopeCovid19 Annual 2021 ShortlistADCC All-Nighter WebahonExperiential Annual 2020 ShortlistMix N Match Campaign SummaryOOH Annual 2019 ShortlistWorlds Worst RFPAdvertising: Film Annual 2019 ShortlistIndependent Agency of the Year Annual 2018 ShortlistIndependent Agency of the Year
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