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In July 2017, Ad Age anointed Zulu Alpha Kilo as International Small Agency of the Year. Only a year prior, Zulu won Ad Age Small Agency of the Year in 2016, the first non-U.S. shop in history to win the publication’s overall honour.

Not bad for a shop that only opened its doors nine years ago. From the beginning, our founder Zak Mroueh (aka Zulu Alpha Kilo in the nato phonetic alphabet) did not want his new shop to be part of the mainstream agency scene and play by the same antiquated rules.

It’s why early on in our history we said no to spec creative pitches. It meant turning away over 80% of the RFPs that came our way. But as a result, we still grew with premium, like-minded clients who respected true partnership.

At every turn in the agency’s history, we’ve made counter-intuitive decisions, leading Zulu to be called “Official Shit Disturbers” of Canada’s ad scene by local trade publication Strategy

Headquartered in Toronto, we’ve been attracting creative and planning hires from around the world from Brazil and France to the U.S. and England. Sometimes our website is what first piques their curiosity.

Having generated international press for being a parody of all the absurdities of the ad industry, our website simultaneously serves as a showcase for our counter-intuitive approach.

Now at over 100 Zuligans, we aren’t as small as we used to be, but we remain proudly independent and single-minded in our focus on creativity. Size is immaterial to us. What matters at Zulu is staying true to our core values and never compromising on our belief that clients (and the world, for that matter) could use more creativity.

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