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INK is an award-winning production studio that delivers crafted digital content across film, print and interactive platforms. Specialising in the imaginative use of technical and creative direction; our willingness to experiment with new methods and technologies allows us to continue evolving our unique visual language and ensure our work is both relevant and striking.

We take powerful ideas and bring them to life across live-action film, animation, digital imagery, photography, print and interactive media. We are small teams working on big challenges within industries we're passionate about – automotive, design and branding – producing compelling digital content for clients, audiences and ourselves.


3D Modeling

Sector Experience

Architecture, Automotive, Branding


Hollis Sponsorship Awards Winner 2013, IVCA Commendation 2013, IVCA Gold Award 2013, Sports Industry Awards 2013 Shortlist

Annual 2019 BronzeBloated Motors3D Annual 2018 Bronze9593D Annual 2016 WinnerLand Rover Discovery Sport - Versatility & Packaging3D Annual 2016 ShortlistThe Jaguar D-Type3D
Project featured:Land Rover Discovery Sport - Versatility & Packaging
on 11th June 2015
Project featured:The London Grand Prix
on 3rd July 2015
Project featured:The Jaguar D-Type
on 13th October 2015
Project featured:RADO Watches CGI Animation
on 5th February 2016
Project featured:The 917
on 10th February 2016
Project featured:Dogfighters
on 12th February 2016
Project featured:Door Slammers
on 15th February 2016
Project featured:The Brickyard
on 18th February 2016
Project featured:Guide to Computing
on 10th May 2016
Project featured:Door Slammers
on 19th May 2016
Project featured:Gtech Garden Tools
on 19th July 2016
Project featured:NASA - Past and Present Dreams of the Future
on 14th February 2017
Project featured:The all-new Audi A5
on 20th February 2017
Project featured:ASICS / Rebirth of an Icon Campaign
on 31st March 2017
Project featured:Honda's Electric Vision
on 25th April 2017
Project featured:McLaren x Esquire
on 8th May 2017
Project featured:WIRED / Kings of Cargo
on 10th July 2017
Project featured:WIRED / McLaren 720S
on 15th July 2017
Project featured:Aston Martin Valkyrie
on 28th July 2017
Project featured:Toyota C-HR
on 1st September 2017
Project featured:Hermès #71
on 18th September 2017
Project featured:Honda Urban EV Concept
on 30th October 2017
Project featured:Dragster Drivers
on 19th December 2017
Project featured:The new Audi A8 - It's what's inside
on 12th January 2018
Project featured:959
on 17th January 2018
Project featured:ClearMotion - Technology that defies gravity.
on 25th April 2018
Project featured:Bloated Motors
on 26th November 2018
Project featured:Honda e Prototype
on 15th March 2019

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