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As a multi-award winning international advertising and brand consultancy, The Mission Control Communications and dedicated science and healthcare studio, The Mission Discovery, works with clients and in-house marketing teams to create intelligent and agile solutions that effectively engage audiences in today's disruptive and highly competitive global marketplace, enabling brands to thrive in some of the most competitive and strictly regulated sectors.

The Mission Control Communications works with brands spanning some of the most tightly regulated sectors of advertising and marketing in the world, with Fortune 500 companies ranging from Liberty Mutual Surety to pharmaceutical, biotech, life science and medial device giants.

Our work is rooted in sound intelligence supported by a structured services architecture that compliments client needs across strategy and positioning, advertising and design, brand origination and evolution, project and campaign planning, engagement and activation and internal and external cultural alignment.



Sector Experience

Life Science Advertising / Branding / Marketing / Design, Medical Device Advertising / Branding / Marketing / Design, Pharmaceutical & Biotech Advertising / Branding / Marketing / Design


2015 Communicator Awards Marketing and Promotion, 2015 Communicator Awards Marketing Effectiveness Integrated Campaign, 2015 Davey Awards Marketing Effectiveness, 2016 Communicator Gold Award of Excellence Integrated Business to Business, 2016 Communicator Gold Award of Excellence Marketing Effectiveness Integrated Campaign, 2016 Davey Awards Integrated Campaign, 2017 Communicator Award of Distinction Integrated Campaign Business to Business, 2017 Communicator Award of Distinction Marketing Effectiveness Integrated Campaign, 2017 Davey Awards Corporate Identity Brand Guide, 2017 Davey Awards Gold Corporate Identity, 2017 Davey Awards Gold Integrated Campaign Marketing Effectiveness, 2017 Davey Awards Integrated Campaign Brand Effectiveness, 2018 Davey Awards Gold Integrated Camapign-Marketing Effectiveness for Integrated Campaign, 2018 Davey Awards Gold Integrated Campaign-Business to Business Integrated Campaign, 2019 German Design Award Nomination


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