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Superfried is the award winning design studio of Mark Richardson, specialising in brand identity and typography. Founded in a London bedroom in 2007, Superfried is now located in the centre of Manchester.

I ask questions and listen, to deliver effective design solutions for international and domestic clients. When required, I collaborate with trusted experts to surpass the expectations of start-ups through to global brands across all sectors.

A lifelong curiosity and obsession to make things better has led me along an unconventional, self-taught path. This drive has never diminished resulting in an eclectic output of work recognised, awarded and featured globally both in print and online.



Sector Experience

Arts, Charity / Not for profit, Music


Creativepool Annual – Best of typography, print mag regional award


Faber and Faber, Fast Company, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, OLIVER, OMD UK, Psychology Today, Sadler

#12 Ranked Design Agency
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Annual 2017 WinnerMarbles – Typographic ExperimentTypography Annual 2016 WinnerBLK LTR SERIESTypography Annual 2018 ShortlistKlaws – Type ExperimentTypography Annual 2018 ShortlistFlex – Fred AldousTypography
Project featured:Fast Company – typographic illustration
on 25th November 2015
Project featured:Carga – Display typeface by Superfried
on 2nd December 2015
Project featured:AIGA Quoted – Graves
on 4th December 2015
Project featured:AIGA Quoted – Dali
on 6th December 2015
Project featured:BLK LTR SERIES
on 15th January 2016
Project featured:Numero Deco
on 15th February 2016
Project featured:Will Clarke Remixes
on 16th March 2016
Project featured:Fast Company LA – Identity
on 1st April 2016
Project featured:Secret 7" – Charity Exhibition
on 26th May 2016
Project featured:Marbles – Typographic Experiment
on 27th June 2016
Project featured:Psychology Today Magazine
on 2nd November 2017
Project featured:Klaws – Type Experiment
on 6th November 2017
Project featured:Fast Company – Most Creative People
on 17th November 2017
Project featured:Shark Conservation Fund
on 19th March 2018
Project featured:TRIPOM – Brand Identity . Website Design + Dev
on 18th May 2018
Project featured:ATC Artist Series
on 26th July 2018
Project featured:Don't Let Them Disappear
on 12th November 2018
Project featured:K A P I T A L Typeface by Superfried
on 11th December 2018
Project featured:Dsposal – Brand-led Illustration
on 7th January 2019
Project featured:All We Have Is Now
on 21st December 2019
Project featured:4 Legged Friends
on 19th August 2020
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