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Together we create visual stories.

Shadowplay is a collective of creative minds focused on crafting the best imagery for your needs.

Whether you require a unique image or a full creative service, our team works closely with you from the initial spark of an idea to the finished visual story.

With our fusion of photography, post-production, film, CGI and virtual / augmented reality, Shadowplay becomes an extension of your imagination, taking imagery in new directions to give you the creative advantage.

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3D Modeling

Sector Experience

Advertising, Automotive, CGI / 3D


AOP Photographer\'s Award, DMA Award Shortlist, One Eyeland Awards


Carlsberg, Chapter, Cyclist Magazine, Golley Slater, Gyro, Havas Worldwide London, Heathrow Express, hey human, Hotpoint, Kenwood, McLaren, Mira Showers, Scotty Brand, Sennheiser, Shell, Table 19, Tommee Tippee, Torpedo

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Annual 2017 ShortlistBNP Paribas BonsaiAdvertising: Print Annual 2016 ShortlistBoyhoodPhotography Annual 2016 ShortlistVanmoof3D
Project featured:Cyclist Advertising
on 23rd September 2015
Project featured:Pukka Lifestyle Teas
on 30th September 2015
Project featured:CGI Skeletons
on 21st January 2016
Project featured:Shell - Eurocard Adverts
on 26th January 2016
Project featured:Launch, grow and change
on 7th February 2016
Project featured:Elan Valley Automotive CGI
on 7th March 2016
Project featured:University of Gloucestershire - Shadowplay Personal Work Competition
on 4th May 2016
Project featured:Rolls-Royce Phantom Zenith
on 13th June 2016
Project featured:Rolls Royce - Star Wars Activation Imagery
on 19th June 2016
Project featured:&Sons Kickstarter Campaign
on 31st August 2016
Project featured:Whitworths Christmas Photography
on 8th November 2016
Project featured:Johnny's Chop Shop Video
on 5th December 2016
Project featured:Neptune Rum
on 16th December 2016
Project featured:CGI Showcase
on 17th October 2017
Project featured:The Iconoclast
on 30th November 2017
Project featured:CGI Moose in Vancouver
on 14th December 2017
Project featured:R & D - Ice Car
on 8th February 2018

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