Sound Sells

The psychology of persuasion - what makes us buy one product over another - has been widely researched and the importance of visual triggers in influencing buying decisions is widely understood. However, the importance of what we hear is often...


Diary Wars

I don’t use a diary and it drives my wife crazy. I forget what I’m supposed to be doing, double book and regularly give her five minutes notice that “I’m busy tonight.” Now I know what you’re thinking - she should chill out. And I’ve...



Halloween - Death and Carrot Sticks

Halloween. A time for little ones to dress up as their favourite super hero or princess, frighten their friend’s parents and eat loads of sweets. But the roots of Halloween lie in the Celtic belief that on the eve of October 31st, the end of their...



Baby Killers – The Global Truth

In life, nothing compares to the miracle of giving birth. With it however comes great responsibility. It requires effort, preparation and devotion; so it helps if you and your partner are truly compatible. The journey ahead is strewn with challenges...


In The Mind of Chris Turner, Sound Designer at Jungle Studios

What does it take to be a Founder of the next best tech company? Or the Director at a top agency? A sensational appetite for learning is definitely one of them. Inside the Mind is a new series of interviews where we jump into the heads of leaders &...