1st ranked Sound Designer
Annual 2017 JudgeMusic Composition
Top 25 Sound Designer Project featured:Rice Krispies
on 13th September 2016
Project featured:BBC Olympics Rio 2016
on 2nd November 2016
Project featured:Currys PC World - Nativity
on 8th November 2016
Project featured:A Tiger in Suburbia
on 21st November 2016
Project featured:Be Food Smart
on 19th January 2017
Project featured:BBC Education
on 25th January 2017
Project featured:Dogs
on 19th June 2017
Project featured:Versus
on 30th June 2017
Project featured:Inspection
on 3rd October 2017
Project featured:Try Me Frozen
on 17th November 2017
Project featured:DFS - The Comfy Age
on 9th January 2018
Project featured:Adpology - International Women's Day
on 12th March 2018
Project featured:Walkers Max Strong
on 11th April 2018
Project featured:The Firefighter
on 12th June 2018
Project featured:#SpaceOnEarthToLive
on 10th October 2018
Project featured:Curiosity
on 5th February 2019
Project featured:DFS - Welcome In Spring
on 26th March 2019

Chris Turner has been a Contributor since 2nd November 2016.

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