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Zara Picken is an illustrator based in Lincoln, England. She works with a diverse range of international clients, creating illustrations for editorial, publishing, advertising and more.

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Annual 2020 BronzeVital Magazine - Help at HandIllustration
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on 4th September 2014
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on 30th August 2018
Project featured:Sunday Times Travel Magazine - Digital Safety Abroad
on 18th September 2018
Project featured:SUKUSUKU BALL - Japanese Snack Packaging
on 12th December 2018
Project featured:London Stories - Poster Prize for Illustration 2019
on 7th January 2019
Project featured:Vital Magazine - Help at Hand
on 15th February 2019
Project featured:Fancy Champs and the Bad Rhabby
on 4th September 2019
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on 2nd November 2019
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on 2nd December 2019
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on 22nd December 2019
Project featured:The Planner - Nothing New Under The Sun
on 25th February 2020
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on 2nd March 2020
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on 25th March 2020
Project featured:Midwives - Slipping Through the Net
on 16th April 2020
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on 18th May 2020
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on 8th June 2020
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on 29th June 2020
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on 23rd July 2020
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on 14th October 2020
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on 19th October 2020
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on 29th October 2020
Project featured:The Planner - Festivals of Britain
on 5th November 2020
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on 17th November 2020
Project featured:Midwives - Maternity Support Workers
on 24th November 2020
Project featured:New Humanist - Age of Anger
on 7th December 2020
Project featured:The Planner - Dedication
on 4th January 2021
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on 15th January 2021
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on 25th January 2021
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on 9th February 2021
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on 24th February 2021
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on 1st April 2021
Project featured:The Planner - Every Breath You Take
on 1st April 2021
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on 14th May 2021
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on 24th May 2021
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on 10th June 2021
Project featured:Scientific American - The Brain Electric
on 21st June 2021
Project featured:The Planner - Yin and Yang
on 16th July 2021
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on 29th July 2021
Project featured:The Planner - Dress to Impress
on 3rd August 2021
Project featured:Levelling Up
on 14th September 2021
Project featured:Response Magazine - Seattle Pacific University
on 12th December 2021
Project featured:CTDO Magazine - Hybrid Working
on 25th January 2022
Project featured:Deloitte Insights
on 16th March 2022
Project featured:Bulletin - Dysphagia and Mental Health
on 8th April 2022
Project featured:Cincinnati Magazine - Sustainability
on 21st July 2022

Zara Picken has been a Contributor since 25th November 2015.

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