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Taylor James is a creative collective, together we are more than the sum of our parts. We are animators, designers, flmmakers, retouchers, photographers, retouchers, technologists and producers, working together to help our clients tell rich, engaging visual stories that create wonder and spark imagination.

We streamline productions to stretch stories across every screen and to every environment—because stories can live anywhere—from a phone, to a VR headset, to a street corner.

We are artists who work together to create inspiring work and we have fun in the process. When we aren’t on set, we can be found in our offices in LA, New York, London and Mexico.


Creative Direction

Sector Experience

Animation, Automotive, Pharmaceutical


Clios - Gold, Creativity International Award, Davey Awards, Global Awards, ICAD Award, MM&M, RX Club Show Awards, Shark Award


Canon, Disney, Ford, Heineken, Honda, Infiniti, Jack Daniels, LIncoln, Merrell, Nissan, Vertu

Currently No Client Rating
Annual 2023 SilverNIO EC7 Launch Film3D Annual 2023 BronzeLiver Love3D Annual 2022 People's ChoiceBurstingProduction Annual 2022 People's ChoiceI WonderAdvertising: Digital Annual 2021 People's ChoiceRain-XPost Production Annual 2020 SilverGlenfiddich3D Annual 2018 People's ChoiceMethod and Madness3D Annual 2016 WinnerVolksbanken Raiffeisenbanken – Stagley3D Annual 2023 ShortlistLiver LoveAnimation Annual 2023 ShortlistNIO EC7 Launch FilmPost Production Annual 2023 ShortlistRain-X VS EverythingPost Production Annual 2023 ShortlistRain-X VS EverythingProduction Annual 2023 ShortlistNIO EC7 Launch FilmProduction Annual 2022 ShortlistI WonderAnimation Annual 2022 ShortlistFIJI WaterPost Production Annual 2022 ShortlistCreative Services Company of the Year Annual 2021 ShortlistSignature Kitchen Suite | Virtual Kitchen Experience3D Annual 2021 ShortlistRain-X3D Annual 2018 ShortlistDIT - Cannes LionOOH Annual 2017 ShortlistLincoln Carousel Animation3D Annual 2016 ShortlistJack Daniel's - It Takes Jack to Make FirePhotography Annual 2016 ShortlistVMware -Business Mobility3D Annual 2016 ShortlistFord - Ford Ranger Global3D Annual 2016 ShortlistJack Daniel's - It Takes Jack to Make FireAdvertising: Print Annual 2016 ShortlistSymmons - From the Inside OutProduction
Top 10 Production Agency Project featured:Recent Work
on 23rd July 2015
Project featured:VMware -Business Mobility
on 4th December 2015
Project featured:Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken – Stagley
on 6th December 2015
Project featured:Your Story Starts Here
on 5th January 2016
Project featured:Scavangers
on 6th January 2016
Project featured:Vertigo
on 12th January 2016
Project featured:Merrell Motion Test
on 22nd April 2016
Project featured:Navicor Scorpion
on 9th August 2016
Project featured:KIA Monster
on 11th August 2016
Project featured:Subaru 'Dueling Imprezas'
on 17th August 2016
Project featured:Lincoln Carousel
on 18th August 2016
Project featured:Ink Flow
on 20th December 2016
Project featured:Martian
on 7th March 2017
Project featured:Mrs. Dash
on 7th June 2017
Project featured:2017 AICP Sponsor Reel
on 9th June 2017
Project featured:Dell Elves
on 14th July 2017
Project featured:Art with Watson
on 25th August 2017
Project featured:Method and Madness
on 16th November 2017
Project featured:Carlsberg’s 170 year anniversary
on 20th November 2017
Project featured:Jaguar Service Film
on 22nd January 2018
Project featured:DIT - Cannes Lion
on 20th February 2018
Project featured:Open your world
on 24th August 2018
Project featured:Continuous Threat
on 3rd January 2019
Project featured:Glenfiddich
on 19th February 2020
Project featured:Progressive
on 10th April 2021
Project featured:I Wonder
on 1st May 2022
Project featured:FIJI Water
on 18th April 2023
Project featured:NIO EC7 Launch Film
on 5th July 2023
Project featured:Liver Love
on 5th July 2023
Project featured:Rain-X VS Everything
on 12th July 2023
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