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We are a creatively-led brand design agency helping brands grow by standing apart.

At PB Creative, we create Signature Stories and Identities.

Established in 2010, we’re an independent brand design agency, partnering with both global multinationals and entrepreneurial start-ups.

By uncovering the soul of the brand, we define the brand’s purpose and values, and create authentic, meaningful relationships which stand out in the mind, as well as the category.

The visual identities we create are emblematic of the brand and an expression of their character. Thoughtful. Individual. Engaging. Instantly recognisable.

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Brand Creation, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, 3D and Product Design, Brand Development, Portfolio Strategy, Naming, Print Consultancy, Artwork.


brand design

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beauty, Beverages, Personal Care


DBA Design Effectiveness Award, Transform Award


LifePlus, PZ Cussons, Titsey Brewery, Unilever

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on 5th July 2019
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on 5th August 2019
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on 2nd November 2019
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on 19th January 2020
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on 25th January 2020
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on 10th February 2020
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on 19th March 2020
Project featured:PB Creative partners with Rum start up Rumbustian
on 1st May 2020
Project featured: HOT SINCE ‘95: LYNX Africa celebrates 25 years with Limited Edition Range by PB Creative
on 13th May 2020
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on 1st June 2020
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on 29th July 2020
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on 14th September 2020
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on 12th November 2020
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on 17th November 2020
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on 3rd February 2021
Project featured:Dove Kids Care – Gentle Cleansing made Joyful
on 16th February 2021
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on 16th March 2021
Project featured: Zoflora gets a Makeover for the Instagram Generation
on 17th March 2021
Project featured:Expression is the Future! AXE Global Redesign by PB Creative
on 23rd March 2021
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on 20th May 2021
Project featured:PB Creative Contemporises a Dutch Classic
on 15th June 2021

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