Top 10 most exciting 2D animators on Creativepool

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Sometimes, the world needs to be seen in two dimensions to underline just how absurd and surprisingly simple everything really is at its core. This is particularly true in today’s perpetual clown world existence. So, this week we thought we’d shine our spotlight on the creatives who are doing some incredible things with the art of 2D animation – the 2D animators.

From the wacky and incendiary to the understated and precise, we’ve scoured the archives of Creativepool to bring you 10 of the platform’s most inspired and inspiring creatives who operate in the flat but far from dull world of 2D animation.

So, without further ado, here’s a selection of who we feel represent some of the most exciting and intriguing 2D animators on Creativepool today.

Ashley Hyatt

Ash is a freelance animator and motion graphics designer based in London & Surrey, UK. Originally employed in print and production following an education in typographic design and having worked at agencies both large and small, he developed a wide range of skills working across numerous areas of design. As the industry evolved and shifted towards digital design, he adapted his skills to suit with a focus on motion graphics.

Cameron Guy

A recent graduate that’s eager to get his foot in the industry’s door, Cameron has strong skills in both 2D and 3D animation, primarily using Toonboom Harmony and Maya. He is an easy going but reliable animator that always meets a deadline efficiently. Having over 12 years’ experience in the Adobe Suite (starting at 13), he also knows the core programs inside and out. Through his varied knowledge in both animation and graphics, he has developed a unique, mix-media aesthetic that he applies to his personal work and adapts it expertly to any professional project.

Lucía Suárez Real

Lucía is a freelance motion designer specialising in 2D and mixed media animation. She’s been working working as a motion graphic designer and animator for the past 7 years and has editorial experience. In those seven years she has been developing her work in various formats such as commercials, music videos and social media. For Lucia, it is important to find inspiration in as many places as possible. Classic art, collage, illustration, the environment, and many other disciplines are all essential to her when it comes to bringing fresh ideas to a project.

Enric Gener

Enric is a freelance that would love to be your right-hand man for motion graphics and 2D animation projects. He is willing to collaborate with a team or handle full production duties himself, from the storyboard through to art direction, illustration, animation, and the final render. His style is one of clean lines and bold colours and there’s something altogether both utilitarian and experimental about it.

Ali Abbasnia


An Iranian visual development artist with a passion for building worlds that resonate and telling stories, Ali works in illustration, animation, and game design. Always up for new projects and opportunities to create, he manifests a distinctly cartoonish world within his animations that’s anything but childish.

Leo Uehara

An independent art director and motion graphic designer based in São Paulo, Brazil, with over 20 years of professional experience, Leo has worked in Tokyo, Argentina and his hometown, where he co-founded Møgen studios in 2018 working mainly as an art director, managing projects directly with clients and co-workers. Also a professor at Axis school in São Paulo teaching motion graphics, Leo is fluent in Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and English and his multicultural background is evident in his eclectic work.

Natasha Monteith

A freelance graphic designer, illustrator and animator, Natasha is an ambitious and passionate creative with a vast knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite. In her short but illustrious career she has created her very own short film, taught animation and design at GCSE level and worked on countless charity events. Her fascination with bright colours and pop culture is evident in her unique and character-driven portfolio.

Eszter Sandor

A freelance 2D animator and illustrator who “enjoys drawing ugly things” Eszter is a unique artist based in Budapest that uses humour in an incredibly bold way. Her animations are grotesque but oddly familiar and appear to take inspiration from absurdist comedy and the exaggerated horror of the human form.

Sergio Laguarda

Sergio started his artistic career in the UK where he graduated with an honours in animation at the University of South Wales, Newport, and in Cardiff, where he had the pleasure of working for three years with a reference in traditional animation as Joanna Quinn. After 7 years, he returned to his native Valencia where he worked for a year in different stop motion animation before moving to Madrid to continue training in different disciplines such as directing, animation and post-production. The management of all the disciplines in which he has been trained, have helped him to obtain a global vision to adapt to all kinds of jobs, from the most demanding at a technical and creative level, to the most recurrent in relation to quality and time.

Lorenzo Varisco


An illustrator, character designer, storyboard artist, 2D animator and virtual reality director currently working as a freelance after covering the role of art director for the animation studio Inkymind, Lorenzo’s career is a long and varied one. He graduated at the Accademia di Brera, the famous fine arts academy in Milan, where he learnt and developed the traditional techniques of painting and sculpture, later, he broadened his skills about software products for digital artistic productions and I learned the fundamentals of CG. He keeps a traditional attitude in using new technologies to ensure a versatile creative approach marked by a strong knowledge of art's fundamental techniques.


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