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Deep Dive: How New Media is Shaping the Future of Storytelling

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On 26th July 2018, Creativepool and Jukin Media hosted a Deep Dive panel session into the impact of new media (user-generated-content) on the future of storytelling in advertising with Archie Tollast, Senior AD @ WCRS and representatives from the three pillars of UGC:

ORGANIC: Loranc Sparsi, Senior Commercial Licensing Manager @ Jukin Media

COMMISSIONED: Harriet Beaumont, Creative Lead @ Seenit

INFLUENCER: Adam Ward, Influencer Marketing Strategist @



The Research

This event was inspired and driven by the latest piece of research from the University of Southern California that found user-generated-content ads are 31% more memorable than traditionally produced ads.


UGC is clearly a powerful medium, so how are brands using the three pillars of UGC in their advertising?

Let's look at ORGANIC UGC first. The recent multi-channel campaign for Santander is a prime example of how organic UGC can be a powerful creative solution when you're looking to engage your consumers in an authentic way. 

This is their most recent utilisation of the content:

You may have spotted the COMMISSIONED UGC in that video, another pillar of UGC being utilised more and more by brands. BT Sport has embedded fan-generated content into their channel, first briefing the community based on upcoming scheduling and then planning their scheduling around the fan-generated content.

INFLUENCER driven content is the more well known of the three, but ever-changing into less of a necessary media spend and more of a creative solution. However, the reach and true INFLUENCE these content creators can have is unchanged and undeniable.

This is an incredible response for YouTuber Alfie Deyes... more so when you consider David Beckham signed books the day before and barely filled the room, let alone being surrounded en-route.

To find out more about UGC and for notes/presentations from the session, please contact:

Organic UGC:

Commissioned UGC:

Influencer UGC:

General Enquiries:


Thank you to our partners at JJ Media Group for the gorgeous space and continued support. 

To talk to them about their full spectrum of production services, contact


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