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Social media has changed the way we live. That might sound like grandstanding for a second, but if you truly take some time to step back and analyse the incestuous way Facebook, Instagram and TikTok have managed to wean their ways into our shared culture over the last decade, the facts speak for themselves.

For those in the creative industries, it’s arguably been a bit of a blessing, as this transformation has opened doors to countless opportunities for showcasing their work, networking, and finding inspiration. But while social media now plays a pivotal role in most creative careers, which platforms are best equipped to help creatives and the unique offerings they bring to the table?

1. Instagram


Instagram is the gold standard for creatives, especially in the realms of fashion, photography, art, and design. Its simple, user-friendly interface prioritizes visuals, making it the top choice for many. Beyond static image posts, Instagram has consistently innovated with features catering to diverse content forms.


Stories & Highlights: These temporary posts allow creatives to showcase behind-the-scenes moments, interact with audiences via polls or Q&A sessions, and curate them in Highlights for long-term visibility.

Reels: For those looking to tap into short-form video content, Reels provides a stage for creativity in mere seconds.

IGTV: For more extended content, IGTV lets artists share longer videos, interviews, and deep-dives into their craft.

2. Behance


Targeting professionals in the design and art space, Behance is a reservoir of top-tier talent. It acts as both a discovery platform and a portfolio host.


Projects: Artists can upload projects which are comprehensive, allowing for multiple images, videos, and descriptive text.

Live Streams: With Behance Live, professionals can showcase their process, interact with the community, and learn from peers.

JobList & Freelance Projects: For those seeking employment or freelance opportunities, Behance’s built-in job boards are invaluable.

3. TikTok


TikTok revolutionized the realm of short video content. Its algorithm-driven feed means even new creators can achieve virality.


Duets & Stitch: These features allow creators to collaborate, respond to, or remix content from other users.

Effects & Tools: With AR effects, music integrations, and a suite of editing tools, creating engaging content becomes accessible even to non-professionals.

4. Pinterest


Dubbed the 'visual search engine,' Pinterest is where dreams turn into mood boards. Creatives use it for inspiration and to showcase their vision.


Boards & Secret Boards: While public boards are great for sharing, secret boards allow for private brainstorming.

Pinterest Trends: This feature lets users stay ahead of the curve, identifying the latest in design, art, and DIY trends.

Shop the Look: For commercial creatives, this feature allows users to directly purchase products featured in pins.

5. LinkedIn


While not the most 'artsy' platform, LinkedIn is invaluable for networking, industry news, and professional growth.


Articles: Users can write and publish industry-related pieces, showcasing thought leadership.

Portfolio Integration: With the 'Featured' section, creatives can showcase their best work.

Learning: LinkedIn Learning offers a myriad of courses, many tailored for the creative industry.

6. Dribbble


Dribbble is the 'show and tell' for designers, where the community is built around constructive critique and appreciation.


Shots: These small snapshots of a user's work can lead to interactions and even job opportunities.

Playoffs: Community challenges allow designers to flex their skills and think outside the box.

Hiring: For designers seeking job opportunities, Dribbble’s job board is rich with niche listings.

7. YouTube


With its vast audience base, YouTube is a powerhouse for videographers, animators, musicians, and educators.


Monetization: Ad revenue, Super Chats, and channel memberships provide financial incentives.

YouTube Studio: A comprehensive dashboard for insights, analytics, and optimization tips.

Community Tab: Engage with subscribers through polls, updates, and shared content.

8. Twitter/X


The real-time nature of Twitter (now known as X since the Elon Musk takeover) makes it indispensable for live updates, industry news, and networking.


Twitter Threads: These allow for deeper dives into topics, great for tutorials or insights.

Twitter Spaces: An audio-chat feature where creatives can host discussions or simply network.

Media-rich Tweets: GIFs, videos, and images can be embedded for visually engaging content.

9. Etsy


Beyond a marketplace, Etsy is a global community of makers and appreciators of handcrafted and vintage items.


Shop Customization: Sellers can tailor their shops, telling their brand story.

Etsy Ads: For visibility, sellers can promote their products through ads.

Etsy Teams: Communities within Etsy where members can share advice, collaborate, and organize events.

10. Vimeo


While YouTube is for everyone, Vimeo is for professionals wanting a more curated and ad-free space.


High-Quality Playback: Vimeo prides itself on providing the best video playback with no interruptions.

Privacy Controls: Detailed control over who can view content, essential for portfolio reviews or client presentations.

Vimeo On Demand: Allows creators to sell or rent out their videos, offering another revenue stream.

Of course, while not technically a social media site, I couldn’t possibly fail to mention Creativepool as an invaluable resource for creatives. Creativepool manages to combine many of the best features of the 10 platforms listed above but with a specific focus on creatives and creative jobs. If you haven’t already, remember to sign up to Creativepool today.

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