#StayHome: You don't need to go outside to craft amazing work

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Creatives are already finding the strength to make amazing work from home.

It doesn't happen every day to see a global pandemic take people off the streets. Readers and gamers have long awaited this moment to unsheathe their anti-apocalypse barbed pipes, while writers have craved for these days to find more reasons to procrastinate (I can't say I'm entirely innocent in that regard).

Surely more parties are benefitting from this forced isolation to look after their inner sloth, but some have decided not to stay put and are still making efforts to be creative during this global emergency. Like Honda, for instance, with a little help from Memac Ogilvy Dubai.

Honda has just released a spot which was entirely written, directed and edited at home, and chances are you will be watching it from home as well. Camera shots trick the eye, making the viewer believe they are watching an actual car commercial. In truth, the spot uses a full-scale miniature Honda driving around the house.

I'll leave the video below for your personal enjoyment. It is an interesting piece of creative work.

Spots like these show you can still be creative from home

Honda's example demonstrates you shouldn't let the pandemic bring down your mood or creativity. It is lightweight, playful, has a touch of interesting humour, and it just works to convey a certain mood. Amidst waves and waves of solemn doomscast news, it is refreshing to see some brands working to uplift the mood of us all.

Most of all, Honda's spot is creative and imaginative. It shows you still have endless opportunities to create meaningful stories and creative content – even from home. Which should keep you busy until the lockdown is over.

There are certainly more reasons than not to feel discouraged at this time, and it is true that the creative industries are not living through the best of days – yet, creatives are showing unparalleled strength of character and come up with new ideas every day. We have written a round-up of the best pieces of creative work from our community, all born in these days of self-isolation, and some of them are surprising to say the least.

Let yourself be inspired by the situation. Even though things are looking gloom now, it doesn't mean you can't cheer up your friends and colleagues with some of your work.

It works if you are a performer, too. Seen that stand-up shows will probably not go live for a while, British comedians are turning to WhatsApp and Facebook to hold their shows online and entertain their fans. The first (and hopefully not last) episode of WhatsApp'ening has gone live on March 31st and it was hosted by a bunch of isolated comedians: Mark O'Sullivan (Lee and Dean, Channel 4), Jacob Hawley, Lauren Pattison, Stevie Martin and Nic Sampson.

And if you are feeling especially bored, what about starting a new podcast, perhaps? I've just started mine (I will spare you the excruciating pain of listening through the trailer) and Anchor has already started distributing it across all of the main podcasting channels. Anchor alone is a great platform if you want to gain some more exposure for your art or what you do, and you will always have your coworkers' support.

It may not bring immediate results. But it's not like we have no time to spare now, is it?

How are you keeping yourself creative?

Honda may be shooting car spots at home, but not all of us have the same means or budget as Honda. How are you keeping yourself busy at home?

Are you a performer or a visual arts creative? Are you a filmmaker and, if so, are you still shooting short films from home?

We are interested in hearing your story. Tell us in the comment section!


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