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We are a full-service Visual Effects & Sound Studio with strong branches in VFX, animation & design


Juice blends dreamers, visionaries, idea-people, and master craftsmen and women to create a lush ecosystem. We implant it with a variety of seeds from every moving experience—long, short, TV, and feature—and care for them until they are ready to sprout. Teams of writers, artists, audio post producers, and production supervisors dote over each delicate creation with skill and passion. We’ve done this a thousand times for BMW, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, Nike, Virgin Mobile, Sony Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, and the BBC but whenever an idea finally breaks the barrier between imagination and reality and blooms with a million colors it never fails to get our hearts racing. And we don’t stop until we've squeezed out every last drop of eye-popping, thirst-quenching, simply good, creative juice.

Offices: Wrocław, Warsaw, and Tokyo.


Visual Effects

Sector Experience

Animation, Automotive, CGI / 3D




BBC, BMW, HISTORY CHANNEL, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nike, Nissan, Toyota, Ubisoft

Project featured:TOYOTA C-HR Crossover the world
on 4th April 2017
Project featured:CASIO G-Shock
on 12th July 2018
Project featured:BMW Factory
on 13th July 2018
Project featured:MERCEDES AMG C63 Getaway
on 18th July 2018
Project featured:TOYOTA Oil
on 27th July 2018
Project featured:MENGNIU World Cup 2018
on 7th August 2018
Project featured:MILKANA Polar Bear
on 15th August 2018
Project featured:CHEVROLET Brand Movie
on 30th August 2018
Project featured:LEXUS ES – Amazing World
on 13th September 2018
Project featured:AUDI A7 Sportback – Run
on 2nd October 2018
Project featured:BAYER – Leap of Faith
on 8th January 2019
Project featured:DJARUM Coklat
on 10th January 2019
Project featured:LOTTE Chocolate
on 21st January 2019
Project featured:SISU Roihu – Sisulla siitä selviää
on 12th February 2019
Project featured:UE4 – RnD
on 20th February 2019
Project featured:MAZDA MX-5 – Unreal Engine 4
on 28th February 2019
Project featured:NHK – BS4K8K
on 15th March 2019
Project featured:Abeja
on 13th May 2019
Project featured:BUDWEISER #DiscoveryReserve – American Red Lager
on 28th May 2019
Project featured:TOYOTA C-HR Hybrid – Against Stereotype
on 5th July 2019
Project featured:QQ STAR – Fantasy World
on 18th July 2019
Project featured:G2A – gaming platform
on 8th August 2019
Project featured:SPEIYU – E-Learning Platform
on 30th August 2019
Project featured:TOYOTA Hybrid Synergy Drive
on 26th September 2019
Project featured:DOLBY Vision – See The Unseen With Alexander Semenov
on 24th October 2019
Project featured:VOLVO – ABC of Death
on 2nd November 2019
Project featured:Huawei NOVA 5
on 11th December 2019
Project featured:MOBILY – We Salut You!
on 19th January 2020
Project featured:PRINCE SODA – Pianist
on 20th February 2020
Project featured:PRINCE SODA – Pianist
on 20th February 2020
Project featured:VODAFONE – 5G
on 2nd March 2020
Project featured:NINTENDO – Animal Crossing
on 6th March 2020
Project featured:RENAULT – Clio Xtronic
on 20th March 2020
Project featured:RENAULT – Clio Wireless
on 26th March 2020
Project featured:MITSUBISHI ASX
on 23rd April 2020
Project featured:Reel 2020 – Animation & VFX
on 28th April 2020
Project featured:DONGFENG – Fengon ix7
on 4th June 2020
Project featured:DINERS CLUB – Big Bang
on 22nd June 2020
Project featured:SAMSUNG – Xcover Pro
on 7th August 2020
Project featured:HONDA – Mugen Power NSX
on 4th September 2020
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