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As FCB's Worldwide Creative Partner, Fred teams up with Global CCO Susan Credle to make FCB one of the most creative and effective advertising networks in the world. Together they led an extraordinary creative transformation that saw FCB becoming Cannes Lions 2020/2021 Network of the year. Adweek's 2020 Global Agency of the Year, The One Show/ADC's Global Network of the Year, D&AD's 2020 Design Agency of the Year, and Cannes Lions' 2019 North America Network of the Year and one of the Top 3 Global Networks.

In 2021 and 2020, Fred was named the #1 Chief Creative Officer in the world by The One Show and the publication The Drum, besting his rank as #2 Chief Creative Officer by The One Show in 2019.

Fred believes creativity used at its best is an economic multiplier for brands. And to get there, he is getting as close to the making of FCB's creative work as you could imagine. His commitment to the creative product can be seen in many famous campaigns created for the most iconic brands around the world over the last two decades: AB InBev "Contract for Change", Levi's "Circle", Burger King's "Whopper Detour", Louis Vuitton's "Journeys campaign", The Times of India "Shindoor Khela, No Conditions Apply", Coke "The Sharing Can", more than 10 Super Bowl ads for AB InBev.

Fred is known for his pivotal role in helping both local and global iconic brands to find their voice in the modern world. Prior to joining FCB, Fred was part of the creative leadership team at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the four-time Emmy-awarded brand entertainment agency based in Los Angeles. CAA's marketing work is inspired by a vision that Fred helped define and execute: Create pop culture for brands, and help brands to play a meaningful role in pop culture.

He is the doting father of 9-year-old Alice and 7-year-old Elena, and the proud husband of Anne Sophie, his very French wife, as her name helps you understand.

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Fred Levron has been a Contributor since 25th November 2015.

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