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We’re the earned-first advertising agency and a global network built for the modern world.

From the outset, we built an agency capable of answering the needs of future-facing clients - those who demand big brand ideas without the heavy overheads of complex structures, multiple departments or the reliance on solely paid media. And we love to partner with ambitious marketers, who like us, believe that in today’s opt-out culture attention can no longer be bought, it must be earned first.

We always strive to create big brand ideas that truly matter, the ones that will ‘Rise Above the Noise’ of culture, rise above the conventions of category and rise above the constructs and constraints of ‘traditional’ advertising. Because we believe that these are the ideas that earn their place in consumers lives and drives business outcomes for brands.

We’ve combined the best of traditional ad agencies and the creativity of the entertainment industry with the distribution nous of a modern publisher to do this very thing. It’s how we create ideas that people & the media will want to talk about and share. We call it earned-firstt, but to put it simply, it’s advertising that’s so good, it doesn’t feel like advertising.

The Brooklyn Brothers strives to find new, different and effective ways of doing this for global brands such as Land Rover, Jaguar, NBC, Castrol, Lancôme, MINI, Financial Times, WaterWipes, American Express, First Direct and Photobox.


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American Express, Castrol, Financial Times, first direct, Icelandair, Inspired by Iceland, Jaguar, Lancome, Land Rover, London & Partners, MINI, NBC, Range Rover, Tate, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, TK Maxx, Warehouse, WaterWipes

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Project featured:Castrol EDGE - Titanium Trials: Blackout
on 25th January 2017
Project featured:Jaguar F-TYPE: Desire
on 27th January 2017
Project featured:Range Rover Evoque: Pulse of the City
on 8th March 2017
Project featured:Castrol EDGE: Fast & Furious 8 Ice Trial
on 17th March 2017
Project featured:Celebration Stopover Buddies
on 4th April 2017
Project featured:40 Shades, 40 Powers
on 31st May 2017
Project featured:PAYG
on 1st June 2017
Project featured:Cannes Lions 2017: Jackie Stevenson Interview
on 4th July 2017
Project featured:Stopover Pass
on 18th July 2017
Project featured:A Room with a View
on 3rd August 2017
Project featured:London’s Autumn Season
on 27th October 2017
Project featured:The A-Ö of Iceland 
on 13th January 2018
Project featured:MINI 1499 Act Fast
on 22nd February 2018
Project featured:#TeamIceland
on 15th May 2018
Project featured:Be Water
on 17th May 2018
Project featured:#TeamIceland - Argentina
on 14th June 2018
Project featured:World Driving Day
on 27th June 2018
Project featured:Born in Iceland. Shared with you.
on 2nd July 2018
Project featured:The Pace
on 11th September 2018
Project featured:Buddy Hotline Service
on 11th April 2019
Project featured:#moneywellness
on 27th May 2020
Project featured:MINI gets ready to feel electric again
on 1st June 2020
Project featured:Fuel the way you play
on 17th July 2020
Project featured:Lead Without Example
on 24th September 2020
Project featured:Skin Obsessed
on 13th October 2020
Project featured:The Brooklyn Brothers and Financial Times launch News School
on 15th October 2020
Project featured:When Dating Met 2020
on 4th January 2021
Project featured:Mini Countryman Adventchaaa
on 15th February 2021
Project featured:MINI UK and The Brooklyn Brothers put dogs in the driving seat
on 4th August 2021
Project featured:Letters To This New World
on 17th September 2021
Project featured:Letters to this New World
on 27th May 2022
Project featured:Letters to this New World
on 27th May 2022
Project featured:Dear White Parents
on 29th July 2022
Project featured:Dear White Parents
on 9th November 2022

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