Making music in the streaming age – #CompanySpotlight

When the advent of streaming unleashed pretty much what looked like a catastrophe on the music industry, many were forced to adapt or die. Founder of Syncsmith Gavin Mee was placed in an uncomfortable position - but he managed to make that harshness...



Syncsmith presents - Graded 02 : Hodge

Navigating the exhuberant tour schedule and distinct aversion to self-gratification we sat down with Bristol based producer and sound engineer Hodge to extract a chronicle of soundtracks and film scores that have helped influence his career to date,...



Syncsmith pays tribute to William Onyeabor

Onyeabor's infectious musings need little introduction, the self-released Nigerian has certainly garnered unfathomed interest since his passing in early 2017 with editorial platforms such as Billboard, NPR, The Guardian and Pitchfork racing to cover...



Syncsmith Presents - Graded: 01 Paleman

Graded is a new feature where we hold an intimate fireside session with one of our coveted artists and discover the films, the soundtracks and the cinematic scores that have inspired them and challenged their very thought process on filmic...