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Unlike large, traditional groups, working with SomeOne means you meet and work with creatives.

It’s better that way.

SomeOne is an award-winning London based design practice that strategically launches, relaunches and protects brands world-wide. Rated No.1 in the UK.

People often ask for things to be consistent.

What they generally need is for things to be coherent.

We work in all sectors, all countries, all of the time.

We invent brands with clients. Or re-invent them ready for new business challenges. We do branding, not blanding. We don’t change symbols, we create symbols of change.

Unlike large, traditional groups, working with SomeOne means clients meet and work with the designers. (After all, that’s why we get hired — to design.)

Direct contact with SomeOne’s creative minds means ideas flow more freely, which is important as great brands need great opinions.

We don’t fit clients into pre-determined processes, we create bespoke teams around each project.



Sector Experience

Advertising, Audio / Visual, Branding




aston villa, British Athletics, Cancer Research UK, CBRE Limited, Chivas, ClearScore, Crystal Ski, Eurostar, FastJet, Hello Student, Kew Gardens, Land Securities, LeBoat, London 2012 Olympic Games, London Victoria, Olverum, Royal Opera House, Skype, Sofa.com, Sovereign, Telefonica, Tesco, Thameslink, The Childrens Society, The Glenlivet, The Mill, The Portland Hospital, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, TUI, UCI, Urica, Valio, Westway Trust, Worldpay

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Annual 2023 BronzeA more ingenious campaign...B to B Annual 2023 SilverMaking Santa 264% more popular.Typography Annual 2023 SilverA new world of WedgwoodBranding Annual 2023 BronzeThe fabric of NorwichBranding Annual 2023 BronzeA new world of WedgwoodGraphic Annual 2023 BronzeA more ingenious campaign...Photography Annual 2022 BronzeCreating a new brand for London’s PiccadillyGraphic Annual 2022 SilverA new brand for a national icon, London Olympia...Graphic Annual 2022 BronzeRebranding Saga — Where experience is everythingBranding Annual 2022 BronzeBite-sized brilliant payments.Graphic Annual 2021 BronzeRebranding Belgravia, London’s most beautiful district.Branding Annual 2021 BronzeMayfair, London — Forever Fashionable...Graphic Annual 2021 GoldBest Agency to Work For Annual 2020 BronzePrince's Trust — Start something newGraphic Annual 2019 SilverAn identity fit for a digital ageBranding Annual 2019 GoldBreathing new life into deathBranding Annual 2019 GoldThe Pack is BackTypography Annual 2019 People's ChoiceThe Pack is BackTypography Annual 2018 SilverRebranding King’s Cross, London.Branding Annual 2018 BronzeHiyaCar RebrandBranding Annual 2018 BronzeThe loudest (and most successful) Summer of Sport brand — London 2017Graphic Annual 2018 SilverBringing students home to Roost™Graphic Annual 2018 SilverSpyScapeTypography Annual 2017 WinnerDebbie Thomas RebrandBranding Annual 2023 ShortlistRebranding the fastest growing tech brand on the planetB to B Annual 2023 ShortlistA more ingenious campaign...Copywriting Annual 2023 ShortlistRebranding the fastest growing tech brand on the planetEffectiveness Annual 2023 ShortlistMaking Santa 264% more popular.Effectiveness Annual 2023 ShortlistMaking Santa 264% more popular.Integrated Annual 2022 ShortlistWant a global rebrand? Likewize™Branding Annual 2022 ShortlistThe fabric of NorwichTypography Annual 2021 ShortlistRebranding the National Museums, Liverpool.Branding Annual 2021 ShortlistHi!Copywriting Annual 2021 ShortlistMore is moreCopywriting Annual 2021 ShortlistRebranding the National Museums, Liverpool.Graphic Annual 2020 Shortlist The Argyll Club — London’s luxury officesBranding Annual 2020 ShortlistNuffield Health — Building a healthier nationBranding Annual 2020 ShortlistSimmons & Simmons — The smarter law firmCopywriting Annual 2019 Shortlist#ComeToLifeEffectiveness Annual 2019 ShortlistUnleashing technology into travelGraphic Annual 2019 Shortlist#ComeToLifeOOH Annual 2017 ShortlistDebbie Thomas RebrandGraphic Best Agency to Work For 2017 Shortlist
Top 10 Design Agency Project featured:Debbie Thomas Rebrand
on 11th November 2016
Project featured:TLC — Brand Launch
on 31st January 2017
Project featured:Devonshire Quarter, Eastbourne.
on 16th February 2017
Project featured:SIS
on 10th April 2017
Project featured:Madame Tussauds!
on 26th April 2017
Project featured:The loudest (and most successful) Summer of Sport brand — London 2017
on 23rd August 2017
Project featured:Rebranding the radicals of residential
on 11th September 2017
Project featured:FORA
on 26th September 2017
Project featured:SpyScape
on 31st October 2017
Project featured:Market Invoice
on 7th November 2017
Project featured:Bringing students home to Roost™
on 30th November 2017
Project featured:HiyaCar Rebrand
on 13th December 2017
Project featured:Manchester Cityzens
on 14th May 2018
Project featured:Launching Australia’s first hypercar.
on 12th June 2018
Project featured:ParentKind™
on 25th June 2018
Project featured:Pay.Uk
on 5th November 2018
Project featured:Every energy companies worst nightmare
on 19th November 2018
Project featured:Future Mumbai
on 10th December 2018
Project featured:Creating a new brand for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, VW, Audi & Ford...
on 21st January 2019
Project featured:Rebranding XE
on 23rd January 2019
Project featured:Getting its Mojo back.
on 8th August 2019
Project featured:Creating a more balanced beauty brand....
on 12th September 2019
Project featured:Simmons & Simmons — The smarter law firm
on 25th November 2019
Project featured:#ComeToLife 2019
on 9th January 2020
Project featured:Ocean Saver Branding
on 1st June 2020
Project featured:The Fridays Feeling
on 7th July 2020
Project featured:Helping Business Flow
on 16th October 2020
Project featured:A Brand that changes appearance as it impacts lives.
on 20th October 2020
Project featured:Rebranding the RNID
on 6th November 2020
Project featured:Hi!
on 14th December 2020
Project featured:Smart investments with conscience
on 6th January 2021
Project featured:Rebranding Belgravia, London’s most beautiful district.
on 28th April 2021
Project featured:Launching a new charity brand based on data, not opinion...
on 12th May 2021
Project featured:Mayfair, London — Forever Fashionable...
on 14th May 2021
Project featured:More is more
on 30th June 2021
Project featured:Rebranding the National Museums, Liverpool.
on 30th July 2021
Project featured:Creating a new brand for London’s Piccadilly
on 14th September 2021
Project featured:Want a global rebrand? Likewize™
on 17th September 2021
Project featured:A new brand for a national icon, London Olympia...
on 24th September 2021
Project featured:Coventry Building Society — A brand made out of paper
on 22nd October 2021
Project featured:Recrafting a football icon...
on 1st December 2021
Project featured:HR just got interesting with Personio...
on 6th March 2022
Project featured:A very digital rebrand
on 24th August 2022
Project featured:Making Santa 264% more popular.
on 7th December 2022
Project featured:A more ingenious campaign...
on 22nd March 2023
Project featured:A new world of Wedgwood
on 5th April 2023
Project featured:Because it’s Great Outdoors...
on 21st April 2023
Project featured:Promises, Delivered.
on 7th June 2023
Project featured:The fabric of Norwich
on 6th July 2023
Project featured:Rebranding the fastest growing tech brand on the planet
on 7th July 2023
Project featured:Playing our part in the National Youth Orchestra…
on 27th September 2023
Project featured:Rebranding The Eden Project
on 12th October 2023
Project featured:Perfection: Achieved. A new BrandWorld for Graff
on 5th December 2023

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