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Picturesmith is a team of creatives - directors, animators, illustrators, writers, editors and photographers.

Visual storytellers who, above all, love to play with ideas and make well-crafted stories.



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Advertising, Communications


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D&AD, GoCardless, Google, John Lewis, KPMG, LEGO Group, Picturehouse, Subway

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Annual 2023 GoldFeed Your BrainAnimation Annual 2022 GoldArts and CraftsAnimation Annual 2022 ShortlistJoin The MovementAdvertising: Digital Annual 2022 ShortlistArts and CraftsDigital Annual 2022 ShortlistArts and CraftsAdvertising: Digital Annual 2021 ShortlistThe Fox and the DiamondsAnimation Annual 2021 ShortlistThe Fox and the DiamondsSocial Annual 2020 ShortlistPicturehouse | A night at the cinemaAnimation Annual 2019 ShortlistSubway sponsors NFL London GamesAnimation Annual 2018 ShortlistPicturehouse Cinemas - 2017 identAnimation Annual 2016 ShortlistPumpkintropeAnimation
Top 10 Animation Company Project featured:John Lewis - Bringing Skills to Life
on 2nd November 2015
Project featured:Back To the Future Day
on 13th November 2015
Project featured:Mumford & Sons - Wilder Mind Box Set
on 2nd December 2015
Project featured:D&AD New Blood Awards
on 15th January 2016
Project featured:Tootle
on 6th July 2016
Project featured:Bendy Bones
on 2nd November 2017
Project featured:Picturehouse Cinemas - 2017 ident
on 7th December 2017
Project featured:Picturehouse Cinemas - 2017 ident
on 7th December 2017
Project featured:Christmasmith
on 8th December 2017
Project featured:Annual 2018 Launch Party - ADOBE
on 23rd May 2018
Project featured:Subway sponsors NFL London Games
on 5th February 2019
Project featured:Picturehouse | A night at the cinema
on 9th March 2020
Project featured:Puma sports bags
on 15th September 2020
Project featured:J&B Whiskey Pocket Bottle
on 16th September 2020
Project featured:Auricoe
on 28th November 2020
Project featured:The Fox and the Diamonds
on 11th June 2021
Project featured:Arts and Crafts
on 6th March 2022
Project featured:Join The Movement
on 22nd June 2022
Project featured:Feed Your Brain
on 6th July 2023
Project featured:Feed Your Brain
on 12th July 2023

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