Interview with MPA on all things Podge

The last event we ran was in early March 2020, just before lockdown. The 10th anniversary of Stodge Podge, the podge of the north and one that is close to my heart as a proud Mancunian. Hard to believe now as it was 180 of the Norths finest creative...



New Digital Age 50 over 50

Even with a bus pass you can find yourself appearing on the most interesting of influencer lists. I may have the whitest hair of them all in this list but good to know i've got some rebel left in me!...


Creativepool Annual 2020 winners announced

The fifth Creativepool Annual celebrates the best in the industry from 2019 The full list of Annual 2020 winners has been released, featuring people and companies who have achieved creative excellence in the past year. Now in its fifth running year,...