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Mr. President is an independent creative agency with a focus on building Brand Defining Ideas.

We believe that brands are at their most powerful when they speak and act as one. The more focused we make a brand, the more potent it becomes. And the more potent it becomes, the more impactful its work will be. It is our mission to help clients unify all aspects of their business; because in the cacophony of today’s market place, it is simply not enough to just talk the talk, brands need a purpose that enable them to walk the walk.


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on 7th February 2017
Project featured:NBC Universal: 100% Character Uncovered
on 16th February 2017
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on 14th March 2017
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on 10th January 2018
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on 28th February 2019
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on 31st January 2020
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on 15th July 2020
Project featured:Stay in and #ComeOutForLGBT
on 7th August 2020
Project featured:Dating These Days - Bumble
on 4th September 2020

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