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MassiveMusic London has created an entirely new audio identity for the Premier League as it returns for the 2016/17 season.

The Premier League unveiled a bold new visual aesthetic earlier this year to coincide with the league’s decision to drop title sponsorship, and agency DixonBaxi were tasked with coming up with the creative direction and vision for the broadcasting rebrand.

To complement the fresh look, MassiveMusic’s London office revamped the audio identity of the Premier League’s international broadcast shows and took it in an equally striking and brave direction.

The two companies also worked together to create this season’s walk on anthem, which will be heard at the start of every Premier League match this season.

The broadcast rebrand will reach a global audience of 2.7 billion viewers as the Premier League delivers global television feeds of all 380 Premier League matches to right holders around the world, as well as distributing a total of six weekly magazine shows.

The musical concept that MassiveMusic and DixonBaxi came up with is based around three elements: the global community that surrounds the Premier League; the requirement for a contemporary feel; and the emotion stemming from the ‘theatre’ of the game.

MassiveMusic created an over-arching master theme for the brand, adapting it for different deliverable channels and creating a number of versions and variations for the Premier League’s broadcast shows.

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