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Thanks for dropping by, I'm an award winning photographer and storyteller. Previously, a career as a graphic designer and art director spanning over twenty five years, my work has been published in international design annuals. I also draw in pen and ink, mostly architectural and cityscapes.


Pen and ink drawings, Photography

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La Grande International Photography Awards 2015/16 - Nominee, One Eyeland Best of the Best Photographers book 2014 - inclusion, Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2015 - Food for Celebration category winner, Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2016 - overall winner and Food in Action category winner


BLACKSHEEP, Crumbs magazine, Delicious Magazine

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Chartered Society of Designers CSD

Annual 2015 ShortlistCreativepool 2015 AnnualPhotography
Project featured:Abandoned
on 13th February 2015
Project featured:Touradas
on 18th February 2015
Project featured:Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2015
on 11th May 2015
Project featured:Colourstorm
on 21st May 2015
Project featured:Colourstorm 2
on 24th July 2015
Project featured:Aftershock
on 7th October 2015
Project featured:People of Nepal
on 9th October 2015
Project featured:Digital Tourists
on 9th November 2015
Project featured:Expressions
on 25th November 2015
Project featured:Magnitude
on 30th November 2015
Project featured:The Chair Restorer
on 17th December 2015
Project featured:The Furniture Restorers
on 21st December 2015
Project featured:Lost Soles
on 30th December 2015
Project featured:Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2016
on 3rd May 2016
Project featured:Ben Johnson - Artist
on 11th May 2016
Project featured:Singular
on 16th May 2016
Project featured:Drivers
on 13th June 2016
Project featured:A visit to Italy
on 15th July 2016
Project featured:Bistrot Pierre
on 9th November 2016
Project featured:Street Bubbles
on 12th December 2016
Project featured:The Eastern Eye
on 8th February 2017
Project featured:An Island of Volcanic Origin
on 22nd March 2017
Project featured:Pasta Loco
on 7th April 2017
Project featured:‘Megalónisos’
on 9th May 2017
Project featured:Those of the Balkans
on 15th June 2017
Project featured:Architecture Basel
on 7th July 2017
Project featured:Basel Life
on 10th July 2017
Project featured:The Fishermen of Lybster
on 2nd August 2017
Project featured:A Grand Day Out
on 22nd August 2017
Project featured:Halldór afi GK 222
on 3rd October 2017
Project featured:Iceland: Incidentals
on 4th October 2017
Project featured:Thali: Photo Shoot
on 5th October 2017
Project featured:The Blacksmith
on 6th October 2017
Project featured:Fat Toni's
on 9th October 2017
Project featured:Stanley Mill
on 21st November 2017
Project featured:Viarco
on 22nd November 2017
Project featured:Shades of Catalonia
on 17th September 2018
Project featured:FRASAM: A foundry at work
on 30th November 2018
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