This is America: How Gambino’s latest viral hit empowers UGC more than ever

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If you’ve watched the video clip for This Is America as many times as we have you probably have a lot of ideas about the lyrics and visual representations throughout the 4-minute long video (and respect for the musical prowess of Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino). You might have watched a few of the discussion videos about the meaning too. 

But in the world of UGC there’s one line in particular that stood out: 

“This a celly (ha) That's a tool (yeah)” 

Yeh Childish, you're totally right. 

We have so much power at the tips of our fingers but how do we choose to use it? 

When we can film, watch, communicate, and voice an opinion so quickly why do we spend so much of that time scrolling through memes? 

This power only gets bigger when you consider it in the context of UGC, or User Generated Content. This touch-screen tool allows us the show a global community what life is really like and what local culture really is as opposed to the pre-constructed stock standard (pun intended). By using our 'celly' we can drive the change we want to see from brands and the media and showcase something real and diverse and a little closer to the lives we lead.

So why don’t we?


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