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Opinions - Freelancers work harder

by Ashley Morrison It's a bold statement, granted. And one which is certainly arguable. But I was chatting to a friend recently who maintained that freelancers definitely, definitely worked harder than permanent employees. I'm in a slightly unusual...

Posted by: Creativepool


Why Creative Talks are So Important - Part 3: Productivity

Having covered how to get yourself out there and conquer networking, and realising the benefits of attending creative talks and events, we now turn our attention to getting going with the work in question. After all, starting at something, no matter...

Posted by: Fiasco Design


Fancy a break, freelancers? Become an employee again

In April of this year, I quit my part-time job of 15 years (almost to the day). Until then, two days a week, I was one of a number of pairs of hands… (ugh! What an ugly way of putting it! But I’m leaving it in because there’s...

Posted by: Ashley Morrison

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