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Nearly two thirds (64%) of women aged 18-35 years old are not checking their chests regularly every month but 1 in 7 women are affected by breast cancer in their lifetime. Superdrug has taken matters into its own hands and launched a new unique ‘Itty Titty’ campaign to encourage people to take control of their health. Its intention is to increase the level of awareness and conversation about breast checking and encourage people to regularly check themselves.

The Itty Titty campaign from creative agency Grey London sees people receive a free Itty Titty sticky leaflet when they order their contraceptive pills from Superdrug Online Doctor or pick up their contraceptive pills from four of Superdrug’s pharmacy stores - London The Strand, Battersea, Islington and Manchester-Piccadilly.

The leaflet includes 12 pairs of Itty Titty stickers and encourages people to place a pair on each of their pill blister packs as a visual reminder to check their breasts for abnormalities which will help them stay aware of any changes to their chest.  

This campaign taps into the behavioural science of habit stacking which encourages people to add a new behaviour to their daily schedule by stacking it on top of an existing habit.   

The campaign has been supported with Sticker Leaflets and social media, as well as taking over the four Superdrug stores throughout February with eye-catching ‘boob’ advertising to raise awareness. We caught up with the lead creatives on the campaign, Flora German and Shivani Patel, to go #BehindTheIdea.


What was the brief? 

There wasn’t one. This originated as a spec idea from our portfolio before we were hired.  Laura Jordan-Bambach saw the potential in it and wanted to help us bring it to life,  something that would’ve been 10x harder to do on our own. Grey is a special place to work  in that way, they invest in proactive work, and we’re so grateful for that.  

How did the initial pitch/brainstorming phase go? 

Superdrug was enthusiastic and helpful from the start, despite having a small budget they  came up with creative solutions with Genny & Mo (our dynamic Account duo) to make it happen.

What was the process behind ideating the concept? 

We noticed in ourselves and our friends, as young women, that we’re often told we need to  check our boobs and why it’s important but there was nothing out there on when we should  check. 

We wanted to find a fun, accessible way that seamlessly incorporated chest-checking  into our monthly routines and after some research, found that due to hormonal changes,  the more effective time is in the week after your period or bleed ends – which your birth  control pills can tell you as you start a new pack when your monthly bleed ends. It all slotted  together like a jigsaw and we ran with it. 

We loved that turning pill packs into the reminding  mechanism with stickers allowed users to personalise their examinations to their own  individual cycle too. Having a whole team of designers, account, production and creative  directors on board took it from strength to strength.  

What was the production process like? 


Fun! From designing multiple inclusive breast and pec shapes and sizes to figuring out the  correct terminology to use that is both accurate but colloquial enough for everybody to  understand and stay interested in, provided many creative learning curves! 

What was the biggest challenge during production? How did you overcome it? 

One of the biggest challenges was making sure we were able to get our wonderfully  designed boob illustration out into the world. Our billboards were almost sacked off a week  before our live date due to the nature of the art direction and the name of our product. 

For  print, we had to argue that this campaign is all about healthcare. Thankfully, in context, the  authoritative body realised that breasts aren’t always sexualised and offensive. Free the  (illustrated) nip!

What kit/tools/software were used to create the project? 

Our producer Lotte De Vroe, managed to hunt down an incredible die-cut printer to develop our Itty Titty Stickies, which are a teeny tiny 5mm in diameter.  

What is one funny or notable thing that happened during  production? 

Our amazing designer Stuart Leung had a questionable image search history as he replicated all the weird and wonderful boob and pec shapes. It was important to us to portray a whole  host of different looking chests that can be relatable to a wide range of people, and Stu did  it justice. 

What’s the main message of this project and why does it matter? 


The main message is that checking your chest on a regular basis makes it easier to spot  when something is not right for your body. Creating a habit that stacks on top of  contraceptive pill taking, which more than 3M people in the UK do already, makes forming  new behaviour second nature. 

It’s even more important because people on the pill are  slightly more susceptible to developing breast cancer, so we really are targeting the right  audience at the right time.  

How long did it take from inception to delivery? 

It was in our spec book for about a year and played a part in our hiring by the powerhouse Laura JB. Once we had Superdrug on board it was a 2-month sprint over Christmas and into  the new year! 

What do you hope it achieves for the brand? 

We hope that this campaign reflects Superdrugs unique offering of making healthcare fun and enjoyable even when it’s as serious as something like breast cancer. We also hope that 

no one finds breast cancer, but if they do from using the stickies, it’s early and therefore  more easily treatable. 

Our Instagram highlight, which talks viewers through what to expect  step by step if they’re diagnosed, serves as a reassuring helping hand that provides support and a sense of togetherness.  


Credit list for the work? 

Brand: Superdrug 

Product: Itty Titty Stickies 

Creative Agency: Grey London 

President&CCO: Laura Jordan Bambach 

Creative Director: Terry O'Neill and Angela Harding 

Creatives: Flora German and Shivani Patel 

CSO: Raquel Chicourel 

Creative Strategists: Fiona Keyte & Margarita Kostopoulou Agency Planner

Managing Partner/Business Director: Mohamed Kahwaji

Account Director: Genevieve Jayasekera and David McConnell

Agency Senior Producer: Lotte De Vroe

Agency Producer: Daniel Wincenty

Designer: Stuart Leung 

Artworker: Nigel Miller 

Animator: Tyrone Zall


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