Creativepool Annual Spotlight: Avoiding imposter syndrome with Katja Alissa Mueller

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With less than a month left until late submissions close for the Creativepool Annual 2020, we’ve decided to focus a spotlight on some of the individual winners from last year.

Katja Alissa Mueller is an award-winning creative designer, art director and lead, with over a decade experience, specialising in editorial-led brand development and storytelling. 

She a hands-on in conceptual creative development, art direction and execution, who always puts curiosity and a human-centred approach to design and creative at the forefront of each project. 

Her passion lies in distilling complex ideas into simple, beautiful and emotionally engaging creative solutions and is a firm believer that an emotional response is the best indicator of truly great craft. 

She’s also a two-time Creativepool Annual winner, which is why we decided to catch up with her this week. 


How did you find out about the Creativepool Annual initially?

I was researching other creative talent and came across Creativepool.

Where do you keep your copy of the 2019 Annual?

On a bookshelf surrounded by other great printed matter. 

Will you be entering again this year? And if so, what are your hopes?

I will take a breather this year and look forward to seeing all the other amazing creative work submitted.


How do you feel the creative landscape shifted in 2019?

There is a great state of uncertainty, but also an incredible power of awareness and need for answers and better solutions. Creativity is in a unique position of asking the right questions and delivering more meaningful products and interactions.

Can you tell us a little about your PETRIe Magazine work that you claimed a silver award for last year and what you think it is about that that resonated with the judges?

PETRIe is an independent publication, striving to tell diverse and representative stories and elevate non-mainstream voices. Issue 69 explores the conditions of survival humanity faces today from several viewpoints. 

The issue is designed as an act of reflection and commitment to action: on the role of creative producers in an industry threatened with extinction; our universal responsibility for what surrounds us; our capacity to imagine and create a more sustainable and valuable world. 

I think it resonated with the judges because the design and content are intrinsically linked. A long-lasting hardback coffee table bookazine acts against the throw-away culture, and its curated approach to editorial design anchors the reader in an experience going beyond mere aesthetics.


You also won a bronze for the previous issue of the magazine back in 2018. Do you feel like there was a definitive progression there?

Absolutely. PETRIe’s vision was never one of shying away from unspoken, ignored topics, it’s what the evolution of the magazine confirms. The progression was felt by sticking to our guns and following suit by calling for deeper, more meaningful issues at hand. 

Did the Annual placing open up any exciting new opportunities for you last year?

It opened up an array of ongoing conversations.

What do you think it is about the Creativepool Annual that sets it apart from other awards within the creative industries?

Being open to a broad range of creatives, especially giving freelancers a platform.


On a more general level, do you think awards and award ceremonies are still an important part of the creative landscape? 

It’s a mixed bag. Awards can be a great platform if they show a real representation of the creative, diverse talent within the industry. Unfortunately, a lot of awards deny themselves a plethora of great unseen work due to their high submission fees.

What are your hopes for 2020 and will you be attending the Annual launch party this year?

I’m hoping for less visual and sensory noise, more tailored creative solutions and more kindness

What advice would you give to individuals looking to make an impression and earn a place in this year’s Annual?

If you are proud of your work and know that it had a great impact on its audience it deserves to be seen. Don’t let imposter syndrome get in your way.


Submit your work today for the Creativepool Annual 2020. To enter your best work from 2019, to be included in the Annual 2020, click HERE and to nominate Agency/Brand, Newcomer, Influencer of the Year or Best Place to Work click HERE. Best of luck and we look forward to seeing you at the Annual launch party on May 28th.


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