Creative Annual 2020 Spotlight: Building the HYPE

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Hype is a boutique creative communications agency with a distinctly hands-on approach that has been a valued member of the Creativepool community for many years now The agency’s commitment to collaboration and innovative storytelling was rewarded last year when they took home the People’s Choice Award for PR Agency of the Year in the 2019 Creativepool Annual.

With the 2020 Annual mere weeks from publication, we caught up with the agency to quiz them on their thoughts and feelings on 2019, their ambitions for 2020 and what the Creativepool Annual means to them.


How did you find out about the Creativepool Annual initially?

We are Creativepool members and saw various communications about the annual and its competition. We were encouraged to submit, and did, under PR Agency of the Year. 

Where do you keep your copy of the 2019 Annual?

We keep it proudly displayed on our special bookshelf, along with toys and mementoes. 

How do you feel the creative landscape shifted in 2019? For better or for worse.

The creative landscape shifted in many ways, from an increase in creating custom content to an even greater emphasis on social media -- sometimes in a leading role. It isn’t better or worse, it’s different. And for agencies like ours, it means always looking out for interesting opportunities and not being beholden to convention. It keeps things vital and interesting, even if it can feel like a wild ride. 


How did it feel to be named the People’s Choice for PR Agency of the Year?

It was so unexpected, and such an honour especially given the incredible nominees in the category. I know that sounds like the classic awards response but we truly didn’t anticipate it. We received such amazing feedback about the recognition from our friends & colleagues which just added to the thrill.

Did the Annual placing open up any exciting new opportunities for you last year?

We definitely received new business directly linked to the recognition and it opened up a wider network to Hype overall. 

What do you think it is about the Creativepool Annual that sets it apart from other awards within the creative industries?

We appreciate the participants and audience are truly global, and that there’s an ongoing community in Creativepool, which allows you to stay connected well beyond the Annual. Which, we should note, is a very beautiful anthology. 


On a more general level, do you think awards and award ceremonies are still an important part of the creative landscape?

To view awarded projects and understand the people behind them reminds us that we work in an exceptionally creative, innovative field. It’s inspiring and motivating. When you have the chance to attend an event, there’s an opportunity to build relationships and celebrate together. So, for all of those reasons, award shows are an essential part of the landscape. 

What are your hopes for 2020 and will you be attending the Annual launch party this year?

Our aim in 2020 is to continue to collaborate with interesting and diverse clients who share our passion for creativity and the industry. We hope that our clients will use their powerful talents to help usher in change to make our world a better, more sustainable and equitable place. We’ll be there, side by side, to help amplify that message.

Submit your work today for the Creativepool Annual 2020. To enter your best work from 2019, to be included in the Annual 2020, click HERE and to nominate Agency/Brand, Newcomer, Influencer of the Year or Best Place to Work click HERE. Best of luck and we look forward to seeing you (and Simon, of course) at the Annual launch party on May 28th.


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