Every Creative Process needs feedback.

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When you are working in a creative process and wants to reassure that you are heading in the right direction, asking for feedback is one of the fastest ways to know that you’re on to something. But asking for input can come at a high price unless you don’t have a solid framework on how to give and receive the feedback. The creator behind the notorious Ronaldo bust would probably have had a less dramatic experience if he just had asked for constructive feedback.

Constructive input minimizes the risk of a major backlash. It allows you to discover areas of improvement and widening your perspective on your current project.

An example of constructive feedback could sound something like this:

- I like this, but I suggest you add more of that here.

By stating strong examples gives the receiver guidance towards a clear direction and it provides the project with VALUE. When this is done the receiver should know where to allocate it’s energy and the next steps forward.

But remember to look out for emotionally based feedback. Having someone telling you what they like or dislike based on their personal taste won’t get you anywhere.


Big up to Emanuel Santos for staying true to his passion and not giving up when the world is laughing. His spirit and drive is something we all can learn something from.


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