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I have worked as a professional 3d artist for over 8 years now and have the knowledge and skills necessary to be a valuable worker to any team within the 3d industry. I have a broad range of experience with 3d modeling, Archviz, simulations, VR, uving, texturing, full body and facial rigging, shooting cleaning and plotting motion capture with optitrack, Live streaming facial animation with faceshift using the Asus Xtion camera, creating detailed environments using digital elevation maps with vue and world machine, composting with after FX, filming and operating red camera /cannon 5D and editing with adobe premiere . Main software packages I use includes Maya, Zbrush, Vue, Unity, Cryengine, UE4, After effects, Photoshop, premiere, world machine and Faceshift.


3D Animation, cryengine, faceshift, faceware, maya, motion builder, Photoshop, rigging, unity, video games

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Audio / Visual, CGI / 3D, simulations, video games, virtual reality


Aqua energy solutions, conveyancing direct, Dewmay productions, free3dee, Sliced Bread, Spectre

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