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Hello! I am Laimutė Varkalaitė, an illustrator and a graphic designer, based in a sweet small home-town Rumšiškės, in Lithuania. I have decided to stay in this place long time ago. My home and the environment which I live in are the base of everything I create. That inspires me to discover simplicity and the sense of wonder in my creative ideas.

I love drawing. This is a language I use to introduce myself and connect with other people. I use traditional and digital graphic techniques, as well as their combination, to transmit my ideas visually on paper or on screen. My drawing is a pure graphic line, with a focus on every detail, the harmony of colours and profound emotional expression. The main theme of most of my works is nature and human-being, their interaction and reflection of each other.

With my creation I try to achieve a calming and positive impact on the perceiver. I want to inspire him to believe in the magical effect of creation, to encourage him to reveal his worldview and to get to know himself better. Every art work for me is a story, a challenge, an artistic achievement and an improvement of my skills as an illustrator. I love sharing it with others.

I am thankful to everyone who knows me closer and discovers my perception of the world through my art works.



Branding, Calligraphy, Character Design, Editorial Design, Illustration, Typography

Sector Experience



ADC Annual Awards, ADC*LT Creative Awards - Gold Award, Applied Arts Awards, C2A Creative Communication Award - Best of Best, Communication Arts (CA) 2021 Illustration Competition - Award of Excellence, GERAS DIZAINAS 2021 - Prize, Hiii Illustration, ijungle illustration awards, Jia Illustration Awards 2021 - Silver Award, MUSE Creative Awards - Platinum Award, UCDA Design Awards - Gold Award, World Illustration Awards (AOI) - Shortlisted


Amadeus, Microsoft, Neomam Studios

Trade Associations

AOI - Association of Illustrators, JIA - Japan Illustrators' Association, LDA - Lithuanian Design Association

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on 5th March 2023
Project featured:MOSSY
on 24th August 2023
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Laimutė Varkalaitė has been a Contributor since 25th November 2015.

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Rumsiskes, Lithuania
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