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We combine strategy and insight with imagination to change conversations.

A machine can supply data. It takes a person to get results. At Gravity, we're experts at turning big data into big ideas.

Our social listening presence is built on the industry-leading Crimson Hexagon platform. But our service isn’t about software. It's about people interpreting the data we collect, creating truly insightful campaigns that change conversations.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Not our words. Arthur C Clarke. At Gravity, we use technology to make magic happen – digitally, socially, actually.

Our ideas are grounded in logic. But all your customers will see is the magic. Magic that changes conversations. Magic that gets people talking.

Founded on insight derived from social listening – the hidden compartment in our box of creative tricks – we’re able to create truly incredible campaigns that astound, astonish, delight and inspire.


Brand Activation, Campaign Development, community management, Content Development, CRM, Influencer Outreach, Social Listening, Social Media, website design

Sector Experience

Beverages, digital, Insurance, Social Network / Community


Allianz Insurance, Callaway Golf, Cosmos Holidays, Glenfiddich, Imedeen, Philips, Spareroom.co.uk

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