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Established in 1997, we are a multi award-winning sound design and audio facility based in London. Our highly skilled team specialises in the art of sound design and has created some of the most revered commercial work of recent years. With five Pro Tools HD studios and the UK's first Dolby Atmos licensed suite for Commercials & Trailers, we offer a comprehensive audio production and sound design service in a creative and friendly environment. As part of the factory family, we are partners with SIREN for bespoke music composition and Texture, our creative production agency. Our services include: Sound Design for Advertising, Film, TV, Radio and Digital Dolby Licensed for Atmos / 9.1 / 7.1 / 5.1 Mixing Voice Records & ADR Location Records ISDN & Source Connect Sessions Music Editing, Mixing & Remixing Binaural Sound Design & Mixing.


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ADC (The Art Directors Club) Awards, Aerials, Andys - Gold, APA, BAFTA, British Arrows, Cannes Lions, ciclope, Clios - Gold, Creative Circle Award - Gold, D&AD Award - Nomination, Eurobest Award Shortlist, HPA, kinsale sharks, LIA Award - Gold, Music and Sound Awards, New York Ad Festival, Shots, The One Show

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Annual 2020 SilverMedecins du Monde - We Don't CareMusic & Sound Annual 2021 ShortlistBBC Sounds - The Power of SoundsMusic & Sound Annual 2021 ShortlistFIFA - C4 DiversityMusic & Sound Annual 2021 ShortlistHey Girls - Seeing RedMusic & Sound Annual 2021 ShortlistBT - Hybrid WifiMusic & Sound Annual 2021 ShortlistGreen & Black's - Wildly. Deliciously. Organic.Music & Sound Annual 2021 ShortlistBarnardo's - CrowMusic & Sound
Top 10 Sound Design Project featured:HP - Magic Carpet Ride of Learning
on 3rd September 2020
Project featured:Viagra - Love Story
on 3rd September 2020
Project featured:Oxfam - The Heist No One Is Talking About
on 7th September 2020
Project featured:Maserati - The Art Of Fast
on 9th September 2020
Project featured:Virgin Media - Stay In Love, Stay Connected
on 28th September 2020
Project featured:John Lewis & Partners - For The Joy of Home
on 9th October 2020
Project featured:BBC Sounds - The Power of Sounds
on 14th October 2020
Project featured:FIFA 21 - Win As One
on 21st October 2020
Project featured:Temptations - Scaredy Cat
on 22nd October 2020
Project featured:Lexus - Electrified
on 5th November 2020
Project featured:Argos - AbracaDaisy and the Astounding Lucy
on 13th November 2020
Project featured:Greenies - Snowman
on 17th November 2020
Project featured:Monsterbox - Scotland's Best Kept Secret
on 19th November 2020
Project featured:Sainsbury's - Gravy Song
on 8th December 2020
Project featured:McDonald's - Inner Child
on 8th December 2020
Project featured:John Lewis & Partners - Give A Little Love
on 8th December 2020
Project featured:Bohemian Rhapsody
on 13th December 2020
Project featured:#WhatsYourName
on 18th December 2020
Project featured:Barnardos - #BelieveInMe
on 22nd December 2020
Project featured:Nicolas Jack Davies | Starbucks - 'Every Name's A Story' #whatsyourname | Iris Worldwide
on 30th December 2020
Project featured:Direct Line, Film on 4 Sponsorship
on 5th January 2021
Project featured:BBC iPlayer - Like Nowhere Else
on 11th January 2021
Project featured:Wasted on Some
on 21st January 2021
Project featured:Medecins du Monde - We Don't Care
on 25th January 2021
Project featured:Quorn - More To Life Than Meat
on 5th February 2021
Project featured:Oatly - Difficult Age
on 16th February 2021
Project featured:Virgin Media - Faster Brings Us Closer
on 19th February 2021
Project featured:Toolstation - Tools And More For Any Task
on 16th March 2021
Project featured:Walkers - Roof
on 22nd March 2021
Project featured:WWF - Space to Live
on 24th March 2021
Project featured:Zoflora - Kills Germs Beautifully
on 26th March 2021
Project featured:IAMS -Catness
on 10th April 2021
Project featured:LG - Follow the Light
on 14th April 2021
Project featured:Lucozade - It's On
on 17th April 2021
Project featured:MET Police - Hardest Call
on 20th April 2021
Project featured:FIFA - C4 Diversity
on 28th April 2021
Project featured:McDonald's - Own Little World
on 4th May 2021
Project featured:Hey Girls - Seeing Red
on 6th May 2021
Project featured:Carlsberg - Better Tomorrow
on 11th May 2021
Project featured:ITV - Poison
on 12th May 2021
Project featured:BT - Hybrid Wifi
on 13th May 2021
Project featured:BBC Euro 2020 - Our Wait is Over
on 19th May 2021
Project featured:Fanta - WHAT THE FANTA?
on 24th May 2021
Project featured:H&M - Summer
on 26th May 2021
Project featured:William Hill - Brotherhood
on 9th June 2021
Project featured:BBC - Olympics
on 1st July 2021
Project featured:Toyota - Relax
on 6th July 2021
Project featured:Three - Life Needs a Big Network
on 12th July 2021
Project featured:C4 - Paralympics
on 20th July 2021
Project featured:TFL - Welcome Back
on 27th July 2021
Project featured:McDonald's - Laughter
on 28th July 2021

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