About us

Electric Theatre is a young collective of artists and makers with a point of view. We pride ourselves on our ideas, creative integrity and above all, people.

Since our humble beginnings in 2012, we have become an industry leader, winning a reputation for production flare, innovation and visionary style. According to Ciclope we are Number One Visual Effects company in the world.

In September 2015 we opened our second studio in LA

Our collective is now growing to produce culturally relevant, genre defying work that advertising aspires to create.

We are world class animation directors, immersive content producers, game designers, VR originators, music composers and sound designers.

We are challengers and agitators. We are Electric.

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Top 10 Post Production Agency Project featured:McVities - Chocolate Digestives
on 23rd February 2016
Project featured:uSwitch - Coach
on 14th March 2017
Project featured:Funding Circle Drummer
on 2nd February 2018
Project featured:"Being Yourself" - Sound By Tom Pugh
on 19th March 2020
Project featured:IKEA 'Silence the Critics'
on 27th October 2020
Project featured:Last Cupcake | Amazon Prime Video
on 28th December 2020
Project featured:"Vloggers" - Sound by Munzie Thind
on 11th January 2021
Project featured:Wasted on Some
on 21st January 2021
Project featured:Virgin Media - Hyped
on 14th August 2022
Project featured:Poison
on 10th November 2022
Project featured:Flip
on 23rd November 2022
Project featured:DT: Project Futureproof
on 15th December 2022
Project featured:Dubai Presents...
on 24th December 2022
Project featured:The Greatest Gift
on 24th December 2022
Project featured:Oasis: Knebworth 1996
on 24th December 2022
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