About us

Bomper is an independent creative production studio, based in South Wales.

Our team of specialist in-house artists, illustrations, animators, art directors and producers pride ourselves on creating award-winning imagery in collaboration with global agencies and brands.

Our hyperreal renders and animations strike a perfect balance between reality and imagination. Our creative retouching augments and enhances traditional photographic techniques with cutting-edge CGI and VFX.

At the heart of Bomper is a passion for creating beautiful visuals that elevate the ordinary, evoke emotion, and resonate with audiences. We're on shelves and bus stops, broadcasted and printed around the world. And we're constantly challenging our ambitions by playing with medium and scale, bringing an affection for colour and aesthetics to each project.

It's this dedication to craft that makes Bomper stand out.


3D Modeling

Sector Experience

Animation, Audio / Visual, CGI / 3D


CBF Innovation Award 2015


BBC, Cadbury, Carlsberg, Catnic, GlaxoSmithKline, Honey, Jack Daniels, Kraft Foods, Mondelez, Mothercare, Nestlé, NHS Wales, Nordmende, Peugeot, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, Sensodyne, Space, Tesco, Unilever, Volvo

Project featured:Cadbury: Travel Mix characters
on 20th November 2013
Project featured:Titchmarsh Cycles Branding
on 3rd July 2014
Project featured:Bomper: Business cards
on 13th January 2015
Project featured:Gtech: AirRam K9 CGI
on 13th February 2015
Project featured:Sensodyne: True White CGI
on 18th May 2015
Project featured:99Frames: Marilyn
on 1st June 2015
Project featured:NordMende 'Waterbox' Full CG Visual
on 29th June 2015
Project featured:Gtech: eBike CGI animation
on 3rd August 2015
Project featured:The Leek
on 11th August 2015
Project featured:Tesla Model S CGI Visuals
on 11th November 2015
Project featured:Showreel 2015 - The Highlights
on 17th February 2016
Project featured:Carlsberg Export: Euro 2016
on 14th April 2016
Project featured:POLO CG Visual
on 5th May 2016
Project featured:Bradford's: Bread and Butties
on 1st September 2016
Project featured:Volvo: 100% CGI buses
on 28th September 2016
Project featured:Carlsberg Export: rebrand visuals
on 5th December 2016
Project featured:POLO Rebrand
on 25th April 2017
Project featured:Welsh National Lottery
on 18th May 2017
Project featured:2017 Annual Launch Party - Part 1
on 18th May 2017
Project featured:2017 Annual Launch Party - Part 2
on 18th May 2017
Project featured:2017 Annual Launch Party - Part 3
on 18th May 2017
Project featured:Annual 2017 Launch Party
on 18th May 2017
Project featured:The Annual 2017
on 18th May 2017
Project featured:Coca-Cola: Minute Maid masterbrand
on 18th July 2017
Project featured:Pears: billboard animations
on 28th September 2017
Project featured:Twinings: 'This Changes Water' and 'Drop. Shake. Enjoy'
on 20th November 2018
Project featured:Glenfiddich: ‘Experimental Series: Fire & Cane’
on 27th November 2018
Project featured:Connect: London 2018 - Day 1
on 28th November 2018
Project featured:DaVinci Gourmet: 'Syrup Rebrand'
on 12th December 2018
Project featured:Motek: 'The Rysen'
on 15th February 2019
Project featured:Creativepool Connect: London
on 8th May 2019

Bomper Studio has been a Contributor since 14th April 2016.

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