BBC Studios Glasgow


As we developed the strategy and identity for BBC Nordic, when coming to the idents we aimed to create a set of 5 films that felt unified but also unique in their own right. We used the brand principles (Warm Connections, Bright Entertainment, Cultivating Contrasts, Illuminating Moments) as jumping off points for 4 of the idents, and the over-arching brand idea ‘The Bright Side’ and the brand palette as the brief for the fifth ‘generic ident’. Employing the core brand device prism edge’ as a consistent thread through all, which embodied different themes via its behaviour and motion.


  • Alban ContrepoisMotion Designer
  • Arran BishMotion Designer
  • Chris BarkerSenior Designer
  • Dan FitzgeraldMotion Designer - Idents
  • David DaviesDesign Lead
  • Gabor EkesMotion Designer
  • Jason DrewMotion Designer
  • Joe MakerMotion Designer - Idents
  • Mary Ann HorganTOV Copywriter
  • Mary Ann HorganTOV Copywriter
  • Nick BentleyCreative Director - Brand
  • Nick BentleyCreative Director - Brand
  • Stephen SimmondsExec Creative Director
  • Stuart NeilsonProducer
  • * Joseph WinstonMotion Designer
  • * Marcos SavignanoMotion Designer
  • * Craig WoodBrand Strategy Director
  • * Gary RobertsCreative Director OSP & Idents
  • * Jade AnnawExec Producer
  • * Paul MartinGraphic Designer
  • * weareseventeen
  • * Stephen SimmondsECD
  • * Mario RuggieroMotion Designer
  • * Serhat GoktasMotion Designer

BBC Nordic - Idents