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AKQA is a design and innovation company that employs over 6,500 professionals across 20 countries. Awarded the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Design in 2021 and named by Gartner as one of the world’s leading marketing agencies in 2021. Winner of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas in 2022, and recognised as a Fast Company Best Workplace for Innovators in 2020.



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Annual 2020 GoldAgency of the Year Annual 2020 SilverRolls-Royce Motor Cars - The Perfect HostWeb Annual 2020 SilverHP OMEN: OMEN ChallengeEffectiveness Annual 2020 People's ChoiceAgency of the Year Annual 2020 People's ChoiceRolls-Royce Motor Cars - The Perfect HostWeb Annual 2019 BronzeNike BelieveAdvertising: Digital Annual 2019 People's ChoiceNike BelieveBranded Content Annual 2019 People's ChoiceNike BelieveDigital Annual 2019 People's ChoiceAgency of the Year Annual 2018 BronzeElton John: The CutSocial Annual 2018 BronzeBBC Earth - Story of LifeApplication Annual 2018 SilverElton John: The CutBranded Content Annual 2018 BronzeArsenal Alexa Skill, The match day experience in your homeDigital Annual 2018 BronzeNike Strike NightExperiential Annual 2018 People's ChoiceBBC Earth - Story of LifeApplication Annual 2017 WinnerThe Snow FoxApplication Annual 2017 WinnerJamie Oliver Alexa SkillApplication Agency of the Year 2017 Annual 2016 WinnerThe Last ShotExperiential Annual 2016 WinnerDon't Look AwayWeb Annual 2021 ShortlistBest Agency to Work For Annual 2020 ShortlistHP OMEN: OMEN ChallengeExperiential Annual 2020 ShortlistSancho: SE LDN MadeExperiential Annual 2020 ShortlistHP OMEN: OMEN ChallengeWave Annual 2020 ShortlistBest Agency to Work For Annual 2020 ShortlistCode of ConscienceWave Annual 2020 ShortlistThe Living Room CupSocial Annual 2019 ShortlistFriendly ArmsAnimation Annual 2019 ShortlistFriendly ArmsBranded Content Annual 2019 ShortlistFriendly ArmsDigital Annual 2019 ShortlistNike BelieveSocial Annual 2018 ShortlistFoster + Partners, A platform for the world’s best architectureWeb Agency of the Year 2018 Shortlist Annual 2018 ShortlistTAG Heuer Connected Modular 45Digital Annual 2017 ShortlistBBC Earth - Story of LifeApplication Annual 2017 ShortlistNike Football Pro GeniusDigital Agency of the Year 2016 Shortlist
Top 10 Digital Agency Project featured:NIKE TRAINING CLUB
on 25th September 2013
Project featured:Infitini Reel
on 12th January 2016
Project featured:Don't Look Away
on 25th January 2016
Project featured:Future Lions 2015
on 1st February 2016
Project featured:Nike Court - Steal the Show
on 7th February 2016
Project featured:2016 Future Lions
on 11th March 2016
Project featured:Jordan Striking Control
on 16th June 2016
Project featured:Nike Rise 2.0
on 18th June 2016
Project featured:Google Recall
on 4th October 2016
Project featured:BBC Earth - Story of Life
on 7th December 2016
Project featured:Jamie Oliver Alexa Skill
on 27th January 2017
Project featured:Volvo Future of Driving
on 7th February 2017
Project featured:Future Lions 2016
on 4th April 2017
Project featured:TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45
on 3rd July 2017
Project featured:Usher Don't Look Away
on 6th October 2017
Project featured:Bungie and Activision team up with AKQA to Launch the Destiny 2 Ghost Skill
on 1st December 2017
Project featured:Nike Strike Night
on 25th January 2018
Project featured:Nike Hypervenom 3 'The Masked Finisher'- Sound by Culum Simpson
on 9th February 2018
Project featured:Elton John: The Cut
on 13th February 2018
Project featured:Made My MINI
on 20th February 2018
Project featured:Volvo Cars – Nordic Mist Perfume (Concept)
on 10th April 2018
Project featured:Speedgate
on 23rd April 2019
Project featured:Marvel’s Spider-Man
on 7th May 2019
Project featured:Oculus Quest: All-in-One VR Headset
on 25th January 2020
Project featured:Levi's "I Shape My World"
on 9th March 2020
Project featured:HP OMEN: OMEN Challenge
on 13th April 2020
Project featured:Just Amore
on 19th May 2020
Project featured:Unpack Your City
on 20th May 2020
Project featured:Blockdown Simulator
on 21st May 2020
Project featured:In Pursuit of Better
on 26th May 2020
Project featured:The Pavilion
on 27th May 2020
Project featured:Netflix / Casa Klaus
on 27th May 2020
Project featured:Museum of the Unseen
on 28th May 2020
Project featured:Destination Store
on 8th June 2020
Project featured:Code of Conscience
on 9th June 2020
Project featured:The future of Soccer
on 29th June 2020
Project featured:Give the Earth a voice
on 7th July 2020
Project featured:Create with Air Max
on 16th July 2020
Project featured:Smart Spaces
on 5th August 2020
Project featured:One Love
on 12th August 2020
Project featured:Wraith Kryptos - An Enigma
on 26th August 2020
Project featured:One Story Away
on 25th September 2020
Project featured:The Boys: Baby Laser Tag
on 28th September 2020
Project featured:See It In Prizm
on 7th October 2020
Project featured:Future Lions
on 13th October 2020
Project featured:Vote about it
on 14th October 2020
Project featured:Refresh the feeling
on 20th October 2020
Project featured:Tested for Life
on 29th October 2020
Project featured:Omikuji Rugby
on 5th November 2020
Project featured:Casa LOEWE
on 12th November 2020
Project featured:Let's remake
on 25th November 2020
Project featured:Where It All Begins
on 14th December 2020
Project featured:The Bondfire
on 4th January 2021
Project featured:ACE Hardware Outdoor Collection
on 4th January 2021
Project featured:Scandinavian luxury, reconceived.
on 5th January 2021
Project featured:We Watched It All
on 8th January 2021
Project featured:Love Without Borders
on 6th February 2021
Project featured:Nike+ Training Club
on 9th February 2021
Project featured:Digital renaissance
on 20th February 2021
Project featured:Action Audio
on 20th February 2021
Project featured:FIFA 21 Team Of The Year
on 27th February 2021
Project featured:You Can't Be Stopped
on 20th March 2021
Project featured:Beauty Booking
on 24th March 2021
Project featured:Verizon Express
on 17th April 2021
Project featured:The Big Fix Up
on 29th April 2021
Project featured:When She Moves, The World Moves
on 6th May 2021
Project featured:Buy better. Wear longer.
on 27th May 2021
Project featured:The Great Untold
on 4th June 2021
Project featured:Future Lions 2021
on 15th June 2021
Project featured:Connecting New Zealand
on 5th July 2021
Project featured:Rebuild the World with the LEGO Group
on 14th July 2021
Project featured:Air Max Accelerator
on 22nd July 2021
Project featured:Imagine a place
on 2nd August 2021
Project featured:Phantom Tempus
on 23rd August 2021
Project featured:Crafted by culture
on 9th September 2021
Project featured:Stranger Antenna
on 29th September 2021
Project featured:Nest Virtual Stage
on 4th October 2021
Project featured:The Awakening in Dance
on 6th October 2021
Project featured:Blue Light
on 7th October 2021
Project featured:Turn Vision into Video
on 8th October 2021
Project featured:Earth Speakr
on 13th October 2021
Project featured:It's all here
on 14th October 2021
Project featured:Ghost Stories
on 21st October 2021
Project featured:Silence
on 22nd October 2021
Project featured:Netflix and Chills
on 2nd November 2021
Project featured:Made of Magic
on 10th November 2021
Project featured:ContentPro
on 15th November 2021
Project featured:Reframing the Greatness of Black
on 21st November 2021
Project featured:Visual Identity
on 17th December 2021
Project featured:The Lockdown Sessions
on 16th January 2022
Project featured:Pomodoro Obsessed
on 14th February 2022
Project featured:Harnessing the sun
on 17th February 2022
Project featured:The city dashboard
on 21st February 2022
Project featured:The pursuit of less
on 27th February 2022
Project featured:Tudum Remix
on 15th March 2022
Project featured:Endangered Pieces
on 22nd March 2022
Project featured:Meet, The Economy
on 31st March 2022
Project featured:House of Worth
on 18th April 2022
Project featured:The Station Cafeteria
on 2nd May 2022
Project featured:The Cube
on 10th May 2022
Project featured:Air to the Max
on 17th June 2022
Project featured:Forever
on 22nd June 2022
Project featured:Nike 50th Anniversary
on 23rd June 2022
Project featured:Never Done Inspiring
on 8th July 2022
Project featured:Further Together with Gymshark
on 20th July 2022
Project featured:Sky Glass
on 27th July 2022
Project featured:Sky Glass
on 28th July 2022
Project featured:Reboot
on 4th August 2022
Project featured:Never Done Evolving
on 18th August 2022
Project featured:Journeys of Mindfulness
on 29th August 2022
Project featured:Ambassadors of Pride
on 9th September 2022
Project featured:Webex Goes to Space
on 21st October 2022
Project featured:Play the Frame
on 24th October 2022
Project featured:Art from nature
on 28th October 2022
Project featured:A timeless contribution to sustainability
on 2nd November 2022
Project featured:Safety in Mind
on 16th November 2022
Project featured:Little Wings
on 21st December 2022
Project featured:Sound Expressed in Full
on 13th January 2023
Project featured:Never Done Making History
on 20th January 2023
Project featured:Gangs of London NFT
on 1st February 2023
Project featured:Help Changes Everything
on 1st February 2023

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