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The Moving Picture Company (MPC) is a global creative studio with a single goal: to create experiences that move people. With decades of storytelling experience, we are perpetually pushing the limits of what is technologically and artistically possible to tell visually stunning stories.

MPC continues to lead in an ever-evolving industry, building authentic and long-lasting connections with audiences across all channels.


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Advertising, Audio / Visual, Communications


British Arrows, Cannes Lions, Clios - Gold, Creative Circle Award - Gold, Creative Review Annual, D&AD Award - Nomination, Eurobest Award Shortlist, LIA Award - Gold, precious talent - stockholm 2014

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Top 10 Post Production Agency Project featured:Perrier, Hot Air Balloon
on 17th June 2015
Project featured:Honda, Civic Range
on 18th June 2015
Project featured:The Maccabees, Something Like Happiness
on 23rd June 2015
Project featured:Grace
on 29th June 2015
Project featured:Lexus, Slide
on 14th August 2015
Project featured:Money Supermarket
on 21st March 2016
Project featured:Netflix: Daredevil
on 15th April 2016
Project featured:Fujitsu - Digital Transformations
on 19th May 2016
Project featured:Smile
on 4th July 2016
Project featured:Land Rover - Kingdom of Land Rover
on 5th September 2016
Project featured:Hershey_Family_HD_National
on 19th May 2017
Project featured:Sunny - Washer Tricks
on 2nd June 2017
Project featured:The heist no one is talking about.
on 31st October 2017
Project featured:Heineken l The Tutorial l #MoreThanARace
on 6th February 2018
Project featured:Uniqlo // Wholegarment Knit
on 28th June 2019
Project featured:“Helden” - Sound by Raja Sehgal
on 13th November 2019
Project featured:"The Book Of Dreams" - Sound by Munzie Thind
on 13th November 2019
Project featured:"War on Carbon" - Sound by Munzie
on 26th March 2020
Project featured:The Lion King
on 21st July 2020
Project featured:REEL_2020_HD
on 30th July 2020
Project featured:Ovarian Cancer Action : 'Survive'
on 8th January 2021
Project featured:Pride Jubilee
on 11th January 2021
Project featured:GUINNESS - Black Shines Brightest
on 16th December 2022
Project featured:Princess and Peppernose
on 4th January 2023
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