12th ranked Illustrator
Annual 2017 ShortlistPlant CommunicationAnimation
Top 25 Illustrator Project featured:The Ethical Dilemma of Self-driving Cars (TED-Ed Lesson Cut Down)
on 18th April 2016
Project featured:LIFE
on 10th November 2016
Project featured:Editorial Illustrations #3
on 27th January 2017
Project featured:Illustrations for Adobe CC
on 8th March 2017
Project featured:Electric Charm – Carry Illinois
on 27th April 2017
Project featured:Beautiful Equations: The Enigma of Prime Numbers
on 23rd August 2017
Project featured:An Anthology Vol.1
on 19th October 2017
Project featured:MTV Anxious
on 6th February 2018
Project featured:The Environmental Cost of a day on Earth
on 10th July 2018
Project featured:YORA Pet Foods
on 12th February 2019
Project featured:An Anthology Vol.2
on 12th February 2019
Project featured:CVision Bumper - Infinity
on 28th February 2019
Project featured:Generation Health 2020
on 2nd December 2019
Project featured:Tell Me About Yourself
on 15th April 2020
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Junior, Middleweight
English, Mandarin, Cantonese
Creativepool member since 11 September 2015