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Hello, I'm Luke

I make pretty pictures essentially. Most of the time in 3D, a lot of the time not. I enjoy pretty much all aspects of media, which is what got me into making graphics. I do animations, branding and editing for a living.

Oh and I also think Tom Hanks is brilliant.


3D Design, Advertising, Animation, Branding, Typography


AMC, CONACO, NBC Universal

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Annual 2019 BronzeThe Killers - Day & Age3D Annual 2017 WinnerThe Killers - SamsTown103D Annual 2015 Winner20 Years of ConanGraphic
Project featured:Breaking Bad
on 6th January 2015
Project featured:20 Years of Conan
on 6th January 2015
Project featured:The Late Late Show with James Corden
on 5th March 2015
Project featured:Jon and Tyrion
on 18th March 2015
Project featured:Dawn of Justice
on 26th July 2015
Project featured:City of Neon - Ruminator
on 28th September 2015
Project featured:SPECTRE 007
on 27th October 2015
Project featured:Trump/Clinton/Me Minifig
on 6th September 2016
Project featured:The Killers - SamsTown10
on 17th October 2016
Project featured:The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful
on 14th November 2017
Project featured:007: Casino Royale
on 18th September 2018
Project featured:The Killers - Day & Age
on 29th November 2018
Project featured:The Young Pope
on 15th May 2019
Project featured:The New Pope
on 19th February 2020
Project featured:No Time to Die
on 14th October 2021
Project featured:Github Ident
on 12th September 2022

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