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Project featured:More power
on 26th January 2016
Project featured:Mobile Phone Insurance
on 20th September 2016
Project featured:Vodafone press and OOH
on 10th March 2017
Project featured:Vodafone Baby (Director's Cut)
on 26th October 2017
Project featured:Vodafone Arena Stadium
on 27th October 2017
Project featured:VODAFONE - Online Annual Reports
on 8th November 2017
Project featured:A Cloud That Can
on 31st January 2018
Project featured:Vodafone Time-stop
on 6th March 2018
Project featured:Capital FM Summertime Ball
on 18th May 2018
Project featured:Concept for Vodafone campaign
on 12th August 2020
Project featured:V by Vodafone global campaign
on 5th November 2020
Project featured:Vodafone Everyone. connected
on 5th February 2021
Project featured:Together we can give the gift of connection
on 10th November 2021
Project featured:Bring Back Friday
on 27th April 2022

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