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I specialize in Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, & Post Production. I am a lead artist with the first-hand knowledge of hard surface & organic modeling. I can handle the 3D scene layout & asset population. I have extensive knowledge of lighting & rendering, I use Redshift, Arnold, Octane & Clarisse for Rendering Pipeline.

For Motion Graphics I use Maxon Cinema4D & Adobe After Effects.

For Visual Effects, Rigid Body Destructions, Dynamics, Pyro & Fluid Simulations I use Houdini, X-Particles & Realflow.

For Matchmoving & Object Tracking I use Cinema4D's Inbuilt Tracking System, Syntheyes & Nuke's Camera Tracker.

For Compositing, my main packages are NukeX & After Effects.

I currently reside in Pakistan & available for the project to project, short to long-term contracts.


3D Animation, 3D Design, 3D Modeling, After Effects, Compositing, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects

Sector Experience

Animation, Arts, Audio / Visual, Film (Feature)

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