“Condom’s greatest secret”

Condom Fit (close, regular and wide) has been on Durex’s boxes for years - but no one knew where to look, or what to look for, so we wanted to let the secret (that’s not really a secret) out of the bag.

But how do you tell people about condom fit on social when TikTok won’t even let you say sex?

You work with sex-positive creators to turn it into a lifestyle message, normalising conversations about condoms and sharing why condom fit matters to them - and why it should matter to their followers.

This was a truly social-first campaign.
As this conversation from creators built organically on TikTok and Instagram, Durex joined in to reaffirm the message – first by making reply videos, then spreading beyond the screen to reach even wider via OOH, BVOD and YouTube.

All assets – even the most traditional OOH static print – used the creators' videos, opinions and messages to show that this wasn’t just a brand selling something new, but that a new conversation was happening on social, sending the audience back to their screens to find out more - and join in.

6.6M impressions and a phenomenal Engagement Rate of 10% later

I.6M reach, 2.2M followers gained.

And people actively changed the way they buy condoms, with a 7 percentage point uptick in consumers now seeing Durex as a brand that offers the right condom fits for them.

Cut-through was almost 3x higher than the UK norm for digital campaigns at 30% with Durex's core audience of 16-34 yrs old

42% of respondents visited Durex's Website to learn more. Another 32% purchased Durex-in store


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